A Win-Win-Win Solution for Church Staff

Craig Evans in Israel

“It needs to be affordable.”
“It needs to be professional.”
“It needs to be easy to use.”
Can it be all three?
You’ll hear statements like these when church staff debate which ministry tools to buy, especially in the beginning of the year when deciding the church budget.
Some want to spring for all the bells and whistles. Some don’t. And some don’t care, so long as it’s easy to use for staff and volunteers.
When it comes to presentation software, Proclaim offers a win-win-win solution.
That’s because Proclaim is a paradox.
It’s easy to use, easy on the wallet, and yet so professional and powerful that the combination of the three seems impossible.
Here’s how Proclaim—available now with a free trial—settles the debate about what presentation software to use this year, sending everyone home happy.

1. Easy on the budget

Since it’s made for churches, it’s made to be affordable. Proclaim offers two major ways to save churches money:
Media bundles
You choose your tier. The entry-level Proclaim subscription comes with an ever-growing collection of free church media. Most is produced by professional designers at Faithlife, but we also recently launched Community Media, which means Proclaim subscribers are always adding to the collection, too. That means more free media.

But you can go two levels higher. Pro Media is a growing collection of more than 10,000 motions and stills, and Partner Media takes that number through the roof. It combines all the best church media brands into one massive but affordable bundle for churches that want nearly unlimited choices.

Annual subscriptions

This one’s pretty straightforward: save up to 44% on an annual subscription when compared to monthly. Start with a free one-month trial of Proclaim. If you like it, you get a big discount by signing on for a year.

2. Easy to look professional

Not every church can afford a designer, but with Proclaim, every church can have professional designs.
That’s because Proclaim does all the designing for you. Forget toying with fonts, spacing, and alignment. Simply type text and it instantly appears in pre-designed templates prepared by professional designers. (Though customizing slides is easy and fast if you want to go that route.)
Proclaim has a whole team of designers consistently creating new templates to keep things fresh. They even design seasonal slides, anticipating your needs for things like holidays, summer events, and fall ministry launches.
But designs are just the beginning. With Proclaim you can add live video feeds, lighting scenes, an animated on-screen Bible, and more to your presentation. Proclaim is made by Faithlife, the same people who bring you Logos Bible Software, which means it’s marked with the same power, intuitive interface, and quality.

3. Easy to share and use

Unlimited installs. Automatic syncing. Free training. Mac and PC.
Proclaim was designed for collaboration. Because it’s cloud-based, all changes save automatically in real time, so anyone can work from anywhere at anytime, and no work gets lost. And with unlimited installs across Mac or PC, literally anyone in your church can use it at no additional cost.  
Learning how to use Proclaim is easy. It’s intuitive on its own, but there are plenty of training videos and articles to consult—including videos specifically aimed at training new volunteers.
In addition, you have direct access to the actual developers of Proclaim through Faithlife.com. They’ll personally respond when you pose a question or report a bug.

Proclaim doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability or ease of use. It holds all three together powerfully in one intuitive piece of software. So everyone wins.

Start your free trial of Proclaim Church Presentation Software today.

Written by
Matthew Boffey

Matthew Boffey (MDiv, Trinity International University) is the pastor of worship at Christ Church Bellingham. He is also editor-in-chief of Ministry Team magazine, has edited several books, and has written for several blogs and publications, including Relevant online, the Logos blog, and the Faithlife blog.

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Written by Matthew Boffey