The Problem with Sermon Recording—and Proclaim’s New Solution

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Most churches record sermons and make them available online. However, the current process of recording and publishing sermons requires extra software, sometimes extra computers or equipment, and certainly extra hours.

Stop creating more work for your staff

The process of recording and publishing sermons is clunky and time-consuming. Someone has to start and stop the recording, save the file, edit the audio and finally upload the sermon to the web. This can take hours. More often though, the pastor is preaching the next message by the time last week’s sermon is published.

Record your sermons with a click

When you record your sermons in Proclaim, you can add start and stop recording cues directly into your order of service. With the cues in place, the recording starts and stops automatically as you advance through slides. No more forgetting to start the recording! Want to make sure you only record the sermon? Set up the cues around the sermon slides. Want to record the audio for sermon, a section of announcements, but omit the meet and greet section? You can! Set up the start and stop cues throughout your service and Proclaim will automatically record (or not record) as many sections of your service as you need.

Publish your recorded sermons right away

When your service is over, you can publish the sermon instantly. Just add a title, description, and sermon art if you want it. Without ever leaving Proclaim, you can even trim unwanted audio. With a click, you can upload the sermon to your church’s Faithlife group, share it on social media, or send it to iTunes. You can also embed a free widget on your church website that automatically updates to show the latest sermon as soon as it’s published.

And here’s the best part: the sermons you record are more than just audio. Proclaim records your audio with the corresponding slides from the presentation! Your pastor spends time making relevant slides each week—they contain valuable information—don’t let them go to waste.

See it in action

We recently used Proclaim to record a talk given by Michael S. Heiser about his latest book, Supernatural. You can listen to the talk below and get an idea of what your published sermon will look like.

Learn more about Supernatural, by Michael S. Heiser at

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Andre Kazadayev
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Written by Andre Kazadayev
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