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The Empty Tomb of Jesus: See What It Would Have Looked Like

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It’s easy to forget that a chasm of difference lies between our time and the people, customs, and culture of the Bible. It’s only when we take the time to understand those differences when we reconstruct the world in which those stories took place, that those familiar biblical stories take on new life.

Suddenly, we feel as if we’re with Jesus as he preached his Sermon on the Mount. We’re there at the foot of the cross.

We step inside that tomb, only to discover that it’s empty.

We’ve put together a free, online interactive experience that lets you step inside a first-century tomb to get a sense of what it would have been like on that first Easter.

Celebrated scholar Craig Evans is your tour guide in this fascinating glimpse at the biblical world. You can follow him into the empty tomb and renew your appreciation of the power of the Easter story.

See what it looks like to step into the tomb with the Logos Empty Tomb interactive.:

The Empty Tomb interactive is available in Logos Starter and above.

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