Sense of the Day: Sound Wisdom

SOTD-SocialShare-612x612Sense: sound wisdom

n. — a particular kind of wisdom, perhaps with an emphasis on soundness or efficiency.

I have good advice and sound wisdom [תּוּשִׁיָּה]; I have insight, I have strength.
Proverbs 8:14 (NRSV)

In Proverbs 8:14, we find that Lady Wisdom possesses sound wisdom. What else can we learn about sound wisdom relatively quickly in the Book of Proverbs? If we check out the concordance entry in the Bible Sense Lexicon for “sound wisdom,” we will see that it belongs to the Lord and that he stores it up for the upright (Prov. 2:7). It must be kept once it is given (Prov. 3:21). And it is rejected by those who seek only their own desires (Prov. 18:1). This brief analysis presents the reader with the question of our own relationship to sound wisdom. Are we keeping it? Or are we rejecting it for the pursuit of our own desires?

What is the Bible Sense Lexicon?

Sense of the Day is based on content from Logos’ Bible Sense Lexicon, which organizes biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words by meaning based on a variety of semantic relationships. Sense of the Day provides examples of senses in context, along with insight into their application for theology and interpretation.
The Bible Sense Lexicon is a Logos dataset available in Logos 5 Gold and higher base packages. If you’re enrolled in the Logos Academic Discount Program, you can also find the Bible Sense Lexicon in the Biblical Languages base package. Take your studies even further by exploring semantic domains, engaging the biblical text like never before.

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Written by
Jonathan Watson

Jon Watson is a minister in training with St. Columbia's Free Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Written by Jonathan Watson
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