Seesmic Desktop Features a Plugin

Seesmic Desktop is an all-in-one tool which lets you to update a number of Twitter accounts as well as your Facebook profile at the same time. Many online reviews of Seesmic call it, “Absolutely the best desktop utility.”

Now this dynamic social media manager is offering as a plugin to help you share Scripture more effectively with your followers and friends!

With Bible Verse Links, you can instantly link your Bible verses with short URLs to the full text of the passage at Seesmic even chose to feature this great new plugin on their blog!

Using this plugin is simple. Type your tweet with the biblical reference, click one button, and Bible Verse Links will detect and change your Bible reference into a short URL that links to the full passage at

Followers can easily access the Scripture in its entirety by clicking this new link and you still have characters left to share thoughts on the passage.

Check out this sample tweet:

Remembering and responding to one of my favorite verses today:

And don’t worry about abbreviations or if your reference will be detected. Bible Verse Links is smart—smart enough to know whether you’re talking about where you work (your new “job”) or a passage in the book of Job.

Installing the plugin is easy. If you don’t have Seesmic Desktop, just download and install the program. You can find the plugin through Seesmic’s Plugins tab or at their Plugin Marketplace. Simply hit the install button and follow the prompts.

You will find that tweeting your favorite Bible passages has never been easier!

Written by
Deni Avant
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Written by Deni Avant
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