Introducing New Orthodox Base Packages

Introducing New Orthodox Base Packages


Study Scripture within Tradition with easy‐to‐use tools and a massive theological library. Orthodox Logos 6 base packages are here.

Logos 6 delivers insight—immediately. You can pinpoint answers in seconds, study the Scriptures and Church Fathers in context, uncover meaning in ancient languages, and answer questions with confidence.

Orthodox base packages include hundreds of Orthodox resources—from lectionaries and service books to manuals on prayer and contemporary theology. They’re the best way for Orthodox Christians to study the Scriptures, learn more about their faith, and go deeper in their personal or professional study.

A package for Orthodox clergy

Orthodox Gold is perfect for Orthodox clergy. Gold includes all the features, datasets, media, and tools that make Logos 6 the world’s best Bible software.

Additionally, you get a library of over 800 Orthodox resources valued at more than $15,000. From The Great Book of Needs (4 vols.) to modern theological texts from St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, Gold has everything you need to glean insight from centuries of Eastern Christian tradition—not to mention the dozens and even hundreds of volumes of core Patristic writings, including Ss. John of Damascus, Gregory the Theologian, Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, and more.

Our new Byzantine lectionaries (three total, aligning to the Gregorian, Revised Julian, and Julian calendars) help you look ahead to Sunday’s Gospel reading and start planning for your next homily. When you combine Scripture passages with Logos’ powerful tools, you can instantly access over 2,000 years of Church tradition and commentary. You’ll see what the fathers and Saints of the Orthodox Church tradition have said about each Sunday’s reading, helping you then deliver that wisdom to your parishioners.

And with a digitally enhanced edition of the Patriarchal Greek New Testament—a Logos exclusive—you can do Greek exegesis on the manuscripts of the New Testament approved by the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

If you want to take your studies to the ultimate level, gaining access to the entire Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture and over 400 ancient language tools, Orthodox Platinum is the premier offering in the Orthodox family of base packages.

Something for everyone

But our Orthodox base packages aren’t just for clergy.

A number of introductory titles from Ancient Faith Publishing make our Orthodox base packages a great gift for anyone interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith.

In Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick’s bestselling An Introduction to God, you can learn more about who God is and why he’s “created us for himself,” as St. Augustine so eloquently put it in his Confessions. In Everywhere Present, Fr. Stephen Freeman teaches a radically different worldview from that most dominant in culture today—one that helps us see the deeper, spiritual truths in the world around us.

And if you’re not an expert in Greek, Syriac, or Hebrew, don’t worry: Logos 6 and our Orthodox base packages (Bronze and higher) have tools and training aids to help you learn more about the Biblical texts.

With Orthodox base packages, you can dive into the Dead Sea Scrolls and brush up on your Latin; you can explore the Psalms, browse beautiful media and infographics, and compare various Biblical canons throughout history.

It really is an incredible tool for everyone.

Taking the next step

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be sharing this with you. A lot of hard work has gone into these new Orthodox base packages, and we’ve only just begun.

Logos 6 is the perfect way to study Scripture, Church history, and the lives of the Saints. Millions of existing Faithlife customers will gain access to a wealth of Orthodox content, and Orthodox Christians can take their studies further than ever before.

Orthodox base packages are available for a special introductory discount of 15% off, so now is the perfect time to pick the package that’s right for you.

Learn more about Orthodox base packages or get started now.


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Written by Gabe Martini