How to Use John Piper’s Look at the Book in Logos

Learn John Piper’s Bible study methods right in the world’s most powerful Bible software. Featuring 100 videos, Look at the Book focuses directly on the text of Scripture with nothing coming between you and the text. Watch as John Piper underlines, circles, and notates the text while offering a running commentary that shows you how to do your own in-depth Bible study. Each video comes with an outline, study questions, principles for Bible reading, and links to relevant articles on Desiring God’s website.

The Logos edition is the most complete way to experience Look at the Book. Follow Piper’s explanation of the Bible with your favorite translation or original language text. Open up dictionaries and lexicons to the very words that Piper is referencing. And once your exegetical work is done, your entire theological library is just a click away.

There are a number of different ways to integrate the Look at the Book labs into your Logos study flow. Our Logos Pro team has created a video to show just how you can use the Look at the Book resource alongside your other books and too.:

The Look at the Book labs from John Piper is a one-of-a-kind resource that is only available from Logos. Be sure to pick up your copy and study alongside one of the world’s best Bible teachers!

Written by
Daniel Motley

Daniel Motley works as the Team Lead of Live Products at Faithlife. He helps promote resources in the Logos Bible Software platform while overseeing a group of product managers. In his spare time he likes to write and has contributed to The Gospel Coalition and the Art of Manliness.

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Written by Daniel Motley