Best in Show: The Most Popular Products of 2015

At Faithlife, our team works tirelessly to create and distribute the best Bible study resources on the planet—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites.

The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of the best resources from 2015—not our favorites, but yours. The products featured are the fan favorites: the best-selling, best-rated, most-wishlisted, most-read resources from 2015. Take a peek at last year’s favorites, as determined by you, our excellent customers.

Best-selling resources

We create and license thousands of the most relevant theological and biblical resources out there. Whether we’re partnering with other powerhouse publishers or bringing you the latest and greatest Bible study tools ourselves with Logos Now, the aim is the same: equip the church. Here are the 10 best sellers from last year.

Most-wishlisted resources

Not every fan favorite makes it through checkout. That’s the beauty of a wishlist—like an earmark on a great page, wishlisting a resource is a reminder to come back and look again later, to ruminate a bit before sealing the deal. Naturally, the most popular products appear on the most wishlists. See why so many others found these top 10 so intriguing.

Highest-rated resources

In the era of the Internet, few things carry as much sway as the user rating. It’s how we find restaurants, book hotels, and make informed purchases. A product or business can give itself glowing reviews, but that won’t hold a candle to what consumers really think. So don’t take our word for it—find out which 10 products users like you rated highest in 2015.

Most-read Bibles

It’s no secret—we love it when people read the Bible. We exist to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible, so nothing gets us excited like people studying God’s Word and discovering powerful, life-changing insight for themselves. Which Bibles were the most read last year? These five.

Best-selling base packages

Logos has been our bread and butter for more than 20 years. Combining cutting-edge features with vast libraries of interconnected digital works, Logos is the best Bible study tool, period. It will always be the flagship of our fleet of resources, but these top five Base Packages sailed ahead of the rest in 2015.


Like staff picks in a bookstore or an ice cream parlor’s flavor of the month, highlighted products provide an insider’s scoop to the best selections. But more powerful than staff picks are the recommendations and ratings of our users—real people who just really love our products.

Browse the best of 2015 and see what all the buzz is about.



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Written by Logos Staff
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.
Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.