Best Chris Tomlin Songs

Chances are you’ve heard or joined in singing at least a couple of Chris Tomlin’s songs in your lifetime, after all he is the most sung songwriter in the world. I recently wrote a post outlining some of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs to lead in a worship setting.
Below are 5 of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs:

  1. Jesus Messiah: This is a great song to use for communion services and the use of slash chords in the verse is absolutely brilliant. It’s difficult to find modern songs that are deep with meaning, and Tomlin managed to add depth to every line, especially the verses. Notice that every lyric supports the idea that Jesus is the Messiah—a concept that is essential to our faith. Pair it with Whom Shall I Fear, and you have two beautiful songs that will connect with any audience.

    Favorite line: He became sin who knew no sin

  2. At the Cross (Love Ran Red): One of Tomlin’s most recent ballads, this song paints a telling picture of the cross—the foundation of the Christian faith. The juxtaposition of “love ran red” and “sin washed white” is meaningful, unique, and refreshing not to mention absolutely wonderful lyrically. It’s always refreshing to hear a line that is original in a genre that is packed with cliche lyrics. This song works great later in the set and is perfect for moments when the congregation is asked to respond to a sermon or altar call.

    Favorite line: Where Your love ran red and my sin washed white

  3. Whom Shall I Fear: Not to mention the song story is incredible, this song is a powerful statement of faith. One of the best things about this song is that it consistently speaks to someone in the congregation. People facing very real fears in their lives like financial collapse, relationship struggles, anxiety, cancer, and so on. Not only do they find comfort in the words, they find that they have more strength and faith to press on.

    Favorite line: The one who reigns forever He is a friend of mine

  4. Holy Is The Lord: A fantastic option for an opening, call-to-worship type song. The chorus is based on the words of the Seraphim from Isaiah’s vision of worship around the throne of God. The verses come from Nehemiah where Israel gathered to hear Ezra read the Law (a parallel of corporate worship). After the reading the people raised their hands to God, bowed their faces to the ground, and exclaimed “…the joy of the Lord is our strength.”

    Favorite line: For the joy of the Lord is our strength

  5. Indescribable: While this song wasn’t written by Tomlin, he definitely brought it to the masses. Read the lyrics and tell me if you’re not amazed by the creation all around you. Even things that we take for granted like the colors of fall or the fragrance of spring. The song really brings out the beauty of God’s creation and calls us to respond in worship.

    Favorite line: You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same


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Written by Andre Kazadayev