An Eye-Opening Look at Christian Movies & Hollywood: New Faithlife Original

In the new Faithlife Original Reel Redemption, film reviewer and director Tyler Smith asks this question: “The intersection of faith and film is more active, more aggressive, and more alive than ever before. Why now?” 

Exploring the answer to that question proves intriguing if the five-star viewer ratings and recommendation by the International Christian Film & Music Festival are any indication. How do we find redemption in a medium used so often to glorify violence and depravity? Is there a right way to develop Christian movies? A wrong way?

This Christian documentary offers up a thoughtful, entertaining discussion of Christianity’s contentious relationship with Hollywood. Here’s the trailer for a glimpse of what that looks like:

One Reel Redemption: The Rise of Christian Cinema reviewer says, “It’s surprising, but perhaps shouldn’t be, that Smith would find a fairly incredible way of weaving together his faith and his cinematic background by constructing this surprisingly fair, balanced, and intellectually satisfying video essay/documentary.” 

Another says, “With loads of pertinent clips backed by entirely approachable and apt research, the film takes place as the first essential chronicling of the Christian film movement. It is a triumph of gathering and contextualization, as well as analytically sound storytelling.”

It’s another Faithlife Original that teaches and provokes thought through stories beautifully told. It follows the path forged by Authorized, Fragments of Truth, and The Unseen Realm—Faithlife Originals totaling over 3,000 five-star reviews.

Sign in to your Faithlife TV or start a free trial today to watch Reel Redemption, streaming now. 

Once you’ve watched it, check out Tyler Smith’s Faith and Filmmaking to see how Christians can be salt and light in a watching world.

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Written by Logos Staff