5 Christian Audiobooks to Redeem Your Morning Commute

Whether it’s traffic, laundry, making dinner, or pulling weeds, we do tasks every day that require little attention.

Why not give your brain something to do with a good Christian audiobook, sermon, or lecture?
Here are five recommendations for books and courses you can download right now—fresh with the launch of Faithlife Audio. So stock up on these and other books, sermons, and courses, and start redeeming the time.

Knowing God – They started as a series of articles for “honest, no-nonsense readers who were fed up with facile Christian verbiage.” 45 years later, the chapters in Knowing God comprise a contemporary classic. Each chapter focuses on specific topics, like the Trinity, God’s wrath, and God’s sovereignty, such that by the end you have a firm, well-rounded understanding of who God is.

Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God – Being close to God means communicating with him—telling him what’s on our hearts and hearing what he is saying to us. This second half of conversation with God is so critical but can be so difficult. How do we hear God’s voice? How can we be sure that what we think we hear is not our own subconscious? What if what God says to us is not clear?
That’s what the late, beloved author Dallas Willard walks through in this contemporary classic.

The Promise of Security – Based on her New York Times best-selling book, So Long, Insecurity, this audiobook will prompt women to find their soul-deep security in God. Divided topically by common insecurities women face, The Promise of Security provides a boost of hope and confidence that will encourage women to continue on in their quest for soul-deep security.

Don’t Waste Your Life – Millions of people are wasting their lives pursuing dreams of happiness that don’t rise above a good marriage, nice kids, a successful career, a nice car, fun vacations, nice friends, a fun retirement, a painless death, and (hopefully) no hell. John Piper calls this a tragedy in the making. Based on his famous 2002 OneDay Passion sermon, Don’t Waste Your Life provides a powerful foundation for your entire Christian life.

Rise Above
– In Rise Above, former professional soccer player Steve Zakuani offers a raw, honest look into his story. Let him coach you on how to face tragedy with a positive mindset, set goals that are bigger than your adversity, remain hopeful in your darkest moments, and help others in your life overcome their own greatest challenges.

There’s so much to read, and so little time. But audiobooks narrow the gap.
How will you redeem the time?


Choose from hundreds of Christian audiobooks, courses, and sermons on Faithlife Audio today.

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Written by Logos Staff
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