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How Logos Helps Dallas Christian College Develop People of Influence




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Dallas Christian College (DCC), in Farmers Branch, Texas, seeks to “educate and mentor students to be people of influence, engaging in their calling to the work of Christ in the Church and in the world.” That’s why DCC emphasizes the Word in each course of study; all six BA and BS programs include a double major in Bible and theology. Even its degree completion majors include 18 hours of Bible and theology courses.

DCC sees the education it offers as a lifelong investment, equipping students to study the Bible and become leaders. But with students from predominantly middle class, lower-middle class, and under-resourced families, one of their biggest needs was a solid library students could access anytime—and it had to be affordable.

The problem Dallas Christian College needed to solve

Because DCC’s student body primarily comes from households without extra money for education, many students consider even a $35 textbook as a major investment. In addition, around a third of its students are nontraditional, so DCC sought to overcome both financial and on-site library barriers.

When it came to finding lasting solutions, DCC leaders recognized that software had the most potential because it doesn’t change hands like a book does. But more importantly, DCC's Bible and Theology Department Chair Dr. Mark Hahlen and his team understood that Bible software removes barriers to studying the Bible.

Dr. Hahlen says, “One of the struggles with Bible research like word studies is that students—particularly those who use English only—get lost in the details of the process.” Bible software pushes aside most of the difficulties in the process and helps students stay focused on analyzing the results. It’s a perfect case of letting a computer do what it does best, so the user can focus on what humans do best: analyzing and synthesizing the data.

DCC’s next decision was which software to select, with a priority on the software’s accessibility on Mac, PC, mobile app, and web app. Since not all of DCC’s students own computers, the ability to log in from any device was key.

How Logos helped bridge the gap

With Logos Bible Software, every student could get the theological library they needed and take it anywhere. Logos also offered training—for both students and faculty. Because coursework is assigned within Logos and lectures use Logos, navigating the software becomes almost second nature, equipping students for long-term use. As different professors use different elements of the software, students discover how they can make better use of it themselves.

Another factor in DCC’s choice was Logos’ mission to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible. Long says, “It was not simply a matter of choosing the best software package; it was also a matter of choosing the company that sells it. Choosing Logos Bible Software was choosing a company with a mission and values that resonate with DCC.”

DCC’s purchase of Logos also helps students afford quality theological resources, first by avoiding the hefty cost of printed books. Then, DCC buys Logos licenses in bulk and includes the cost in each student’s program fees. Since students can pay program fees using federal financial aid, this helps low-income students more ably afford higher education.

DCC today

Now all students have the software, and it’s making a difference. According to Long, “Several incoming students (and their families) have been impressed by what they get in their Logos library for their money and how our use of Logos substantially reduces student textbook costs.”

In addition to providing a quality, accessible library, DCC is also happy to have removed hurdles to biblical study. Hahlen says, “Anyone who went to Bible college or seminary before Bible software like Logos knows that learning the process of using reference works is tedious—so much so that a person must really want the information to do that work. Logos makes curious exploration so easy that students are more likely to use it to learn about a word or a passage. Logos can function almost like ‘googling’ for Bible study. The easier we can make it for students to study the Bible, the more likely they will be to do it.”

While DCC can’t say for sure how many graduates are still using Logos, they know it’s happening—especially with those in ministry. Alumni will email saying things like, “I had Logos on a computer that is now deceased. How do I get access to my library again?”

“The gap between our distance education students and our on-campus students has diminished in regard to their ability to do exegetical research. That distance students cannot access the DCC Crawford Library or a nearby theological library is no longer the hindrance to good research it once was. They are no longer limited to their textbook and whatever they can find on the web (good or bad).”

—Bruce Long, DCC Associate Academic Dean

Equip Your Students for a Lifetime of Ministry with an Institutional Partnership

When your institution partners with Logos, you’ll equip your entire student body and faculty with Logos Bible Software, the standard tool for scholarship and ministry. They’ll have Logos for the rest of their lives, making this a long-term investment in the future of the church.

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