Products>The Other Journal: An Intersection of Theology and Culture 18–23, 6 vols. (2011–2014)

The Other Journal: An Intersection of Theology and Culture 18–23, 6 vols. (2011–2014)

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The Other Journal is a space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression. Filling the gap between popular frill-based magazines and scholarly academic journals, The Other Journal provides the thoughtful Christian with provocative, challenging, and insightful Christian commentary on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena. Each issue is organized around a particular theme and includes essays, interviews, creative nonfiction, short stories, poetry, art, scholarly essays, and intelligent reflections on books, films, and other media.

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Key Features

  • Features interdisciplinary reflection on theology and popular culture
  • Includes essays, creative nonfiction, short stories, poetry, reviews, and more
  • Provides thoughtful Christian commentary on current social and political issues, cultural trends, and more

Product Details

Individual Volumes

  • The Other Journal: The Celebrity Issue, Volume 18 (2011)
  • The Other Journal: The Food and Flourishing Issue, Volume 19 (2012)
  • The Other Journal: Evil, Volume 20 (2012)
  • The Other Journal: Prayer, Volume 21 (2013)
  • The Other Journal: Marxism, Volume 22 (2013)
  • The Other Journal: Body, Volume 23 (2014)
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