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Anna Karenina
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Anna Karenina


Oxford University Press 1918

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Widely considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century, Anna Karenina is an essential work for any student of literature. Russian writer Leo Tolstoy presents a delicately layered story of the human condition, rich with philosophical insights at every turn. It opens with the famous lines, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” and pulses with rich detail, pristine realism, and dramatic intensity across its 900 plus pages. Centering around an adulterous affair in nineteenth-century aristocratic Russian society, Tolstoy uses a tangled web of human relationships to explore family dynamics, marriage, the inner life, and the social, economic, and political conditions in a Russia headed for revolution. Seamlessly intertwining the narratives of a colorful cast of characters, he creates a dramatic tour de force in a style Vladimir Nabokov praised for its “flawless magic.” 

This edition of Anna Karenina is translated by Tolstoy’s most celebrated translators as well as his personal friends—Louise and Aylmer Maude. The Maude translation presents the novel with careful attention to Tolstoy’s language and intimate knowledge of his style, offering an accessible rendition for English readers that doesn’t sacrifice the text’s beauty or integrity.

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Key Features

  • A central text in Russian literature
  • Translated by Tolstoy’s personal friends, Louise and Aylmer Maude
  • One of Tolstoy’s masterpieces

Praise for the Print Edition

. . . flawless as a work of art.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

. . . the best [novel] ever written.

—William Faulkner

Product Details

  • Title: Anna Karenina
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy
  • Translators: Louise and Aylmer Maude
  • Publication Date: 1918
  • Pages: 931

About Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910) was born into a well-established noble Russian family. His parents died when he was young, leaving him to be brought up by relatives. He studied law and oriental languages at Kazan University. In 1851, he and his older brother went to the Caucasus and joined the army. About this time he began writing, a labor which would be profoundly influenced by his military experiences, as well as two trips he took to Europe—one in 1857 and one in 1860. During these trips he witnessed a public execution in Paris, met Victor Hugo and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, and had a number of other significant experiences which shaped his philosophical, political, and religious views, and led him to renounce his aristocratic way of life. Tolstoy died of pneumonia in 1910, leaving behind a masterful body of work.