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Hebrew Audio Pronunciations

Se ejecuta en Windows y Mac.
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Hebrew Audio Pronunciations
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Hebrew Audio Pronunciations is an invaluable addition to Logos Bible Software—whether you’re a pastor wishing to incorporate Hebrew into your sermons, or a seminary student needing to bone up on your vocab. Hebrew Audio Pronunciations features thousands of lemmas from the Hebrew Bible, pronounced by Hebrew experts and integrated into your favorite morphological database. Whether you’re a pastor wishing to incorporate Hebrew into your weekly sermons, or a seminary student needing to review vocab, Hebrew Audio Pronunciations will prove itself an invaluable addition to your library.

For years, Logos users have marveled at the usefulness—and usability—of our Greek Pronunciation Addin. With its seamless integration with our Greek Bibles, it quickly became an invaluable component to original language studies. Now, Logos brings the same convenience and quality found in the Greek Pronunciation Addin to our Hebrew language resources. This parallel functionality with the Greek Addin makes Hebrew Audio Pronunciations ideal for pastors and students wishing to take their study of the entire Bible deeper than ever before.

Hebrew Audio Pronunciations will be integrated with such popular morph databases as the Westminster, Anderson Forbes and the WIVU. It doesn’t matter which of these morph databases you use, the lemmas will be pronounced. Moreover, the Aramaic portions of the Bible will be pronounced as well, allowing you full access to the complete Tanakh.

The Hebrew language offers many unique challenges—Hebrew has more forms of words, more vocabulary than Greek, and Hebrew words themselves are very difficult for the casual scholar or student to pronounce. Hebrew Audio Pronunciations allows you to meet these challenges with confidence.

Hebrew Audio Pronunciations will only be available for Logos 4 and higher. The CD-ROM option is no longer available. If you placed a pre-order for the CD-ROM, it has been changed to a download.

Key Features

  • Thousands of lemmas from the Hebrew Bible
  • Pronunciation of Aramaic portions
  • Easily incorporate Hebrew into your sermons, lessons, and notes
  • Ideal for pastors and students

Product Details

  • Title: Hebrew Audio Pronunciations
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software