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From Preparation to Proclamation

Logos 7 is fine-tuned to help you study the Bible, build your sermon, and proclaim biblical truth with clarity.

Smart Tools for Sermon Writing

As you consult resources and write your sermon inside Logos, the Sermon Editor automatically generates sermon slides and fully editable handouts based on your work. Add speaking prompts, Scripture, quotations, and more with smart editing and styling tools meticulously designed for sermon creation. You focus on solid Bible study and writing your sermon, we’ll give you a headstart on everything else.

Features: Sermon Editor, Media Tool

A Comprehensive Library at Your Fingertips

Type in any Bible passage and Logos instantly returns insights from trusted resources across a carefully curated library. Find where ancient authors discussed your sermon passage or topic. See relevant passages from your favorite commentaries, all in one place. Discover how major theologians have treated your text. Or get instant information on any person, place, event, cultural concept, or book of the Bible with the Factbook—an encyclopedia built from resources across your library.

Features: Passage Guide, Factbook

Powerful Original Language Study

Logos has everything you need for responsible and thorough Greek and Hebrew study. The Bible Word Study tool presents usage data from Scripture and other ancient literature, and packages it all beautifully and intuitively. See everywhere a word appears, and every meaning it has in its unique context. Run a quick search in the Greek or Hebrew, and find with similar original language constructions.

Features: Bible Word Study Guide, Word Sense, Greek Grammatical Constructions

See the Bible with Fresh Eyes

Logos lets you customize the layout of the biblical text, opening your eyes to fascinating and unexpected insights. Read your English Bible without the distraction of verse numbers or chapter divisions. Compare Bible translations, and they’ll scroll side by side and in sync—Logos even highlights the differences between them. And get a head start on outlining your sermon with built-in Propositional Outlines tracing the flow of thought in every biblical passage.

Features: Propositional Outlines, Readers Greek and Hebrew Bibles, Text Comparison, Multiview Resources

Find What You Need —Fast

Find the Bible verse you need even if you can only remember a small phrase—and you’re not sure which translation it comes from. Easily find specific biblical words or original language forms. Discover what your Logos resources have to say on any given topic with the Factbook. And search for the perfect sermon illustration to drive home the biblical principles in your sermon.

Features: Bible Search, Sermon Illustrations