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This resource offers a complete one-volume set of Bible charts, maps and artists’ renderings of biblical cities and artifacts, providing a deeper dimension to personal and group Bible study. It features over eighty pages of full-color charts with timelines, the teachings of Jesus, family trees, the lineage of ancient rulers, and historical events. There are twenty-two pages of carefully detailed full-color maps of Bible lands, twenty-one pages of illustrated scale reconstructions of biblical cities and artifacts, and cross-references to the Holman Bible Handbook and Holman Bible Dictionary. This is an excellent resource for pastors, Bible teachers, students and for your individual approach to learning more about biblical history.

Author Bios

Trent C. Butler

Trent C. Butler served ten years on the faculty of the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Ruschilkon, Switzerland, and for twenty-two years as editor and editorial director for Holman Bible Publishers. He wrote the Word Biblical Commentary volume on Joshua, the Layman's Bible Book Commentary on Isaiah, the Holman Old Testament Commentaries on Isaiah and on Hosea through Micah, and the Holman New Testament Commentary on Luke. Dr. Butler has a Ph.D. in biblical studies and linguistics from Vanderbilt University, has done further study at Heidelberg and Zurich, and has participated in the excavation of Beersheba. Currently, he is a retired freelance editor.

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David S. Dockery

David S. Dockery is president and professor of Christian Studies at Union University. He has written and contributed to many articles and books. He is the founding editor of the Criswell Theological Review and the general editor of the Holman Concise Bible Commentary found in the Holman Reference Collection (11 vols.).

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