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Hand-drawn Greek and Hebrew Fonts




Download these hand-drawn Greek and Hebrew fonts for free! Created by in-house Greek and Hebrew experts, these fonts are used in the Logos Bible Softwre Greek Alphabet Tutor and Hebrew Alphabet Tutor. Download these fonts now to use in your own word processing programs.


Installation Instructions

  1. After completing your order, your download link will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the file to begin the download.
  2. Close any any open programs or apps.
  3. From your downloads folder, click to open the zip file. Open one of the fonts and install. The font is now ready for use in your word processing programs. Repeat this step for each of the fonts you want to use.
Note: Greek and Hebrew fonts are provided as-is, without warranty or support. For troubleshooting help, you can ask other Logos users in the forums.

Need a Keyboard to Use with your Fonts?

You will need original language keyboards to use the fonts. We have keyboards available for Windows users here: Original Languages Keyboards for Windows.


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  1. Young Gun Park
  2. Hagiophilos



  3. Wallace Scaife

    Wallace Scaife


  4. J. P.

    J. P.


  5. Batman



  6. Stephen Henderson
    These fonts are basic characters and are neither Hebrew nor Greek. I downloaded extra to check to see if I'd made a mistake. The characters are neither Hebrew nor Greek.
  7. The Flanary's

    The Flanary's





  9. Lo'ay H. Jawabreh
    I used the Greek and Hebrew fonts before and found them very useful especially as for the Hebrew if works greatly good from right to left as it should be. In the same time, they don't work with the same functionality on Windows 10 as they used to work on older OS. Even the installation is not as easy as it used to. I think the instruction video should be changed as well. Hope this would be fixed and receive an e-mail note about fixing it. Thank you for your efforts and making this available
  10. Manuel Fernández Martín