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Hebrew Alphabet Tutor

, 2014
  • Format:Digital


Hebrew lessons from the comfort of your home

With Logos Bible Software, learning to read and write Hebrew is easier than ever! This new interactive tool shows you how to write and pronounce Hebrew words, and is perfect for anyone wanting to master the original languages.

Select any letter and you’ll be shown how to write it, hear how to pronounce it, and given common words that start with that letter. Practice drawing the letter on your tablet or PC and get a grade on your accuracy—so you can watch your skills improve.

To hear audio pronunciations, make sure you pick up the Hebrew Audio Pronunciations database.

  • Pronounce Hebrew words with confidence
  • Practice writing Hebrew letters and have your accuracy graded
  • Brush up on Hebrew vocabulary

How it works:

  • Provides an interactive tutor for writing Hebrew letters
  • Grades the accuracy of your writing
  • Lists the most common Hebrew words that start with each letter