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Hebrew Audio Pronunciations

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Learn to pronounce Hebrew and Aramaic from a leading expert with over 9,500 audio clips of the Hebrew Bible’s lexical forms (‘lemmas’). 5,500 additional sound clips cover alternative spellings from a variety of lexicons and databases. You’ll be able to hear the pronunciation of any word when you need it—whether you’re refreshing your vocabulary, writing a sermon, or doing research.

Hebrew Audio Pronunciations is integrated into top morphological databases, covering every word found in the Lexham Hebrew Bible (and thus functions with all the Logos tools which use the LHB for their lexical data, including the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear, the various reverse interlinears and the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible). The recordings also cover nearly every word in the third-party Hebrew Bibles: BHW4.18, BHS SESB, and BHS WIVU.

In addition, these resources include a thorough documentation page teaching the pronunciation system used in these recordings, with over 250 sound clips breaking down the consonants, vowels, accents and other symbols used in lexicons and lemma lists.

The recordings were made by Dr. Randall Buth, developer of the Living Biblical Languages program and founder of the Biblical Language Center, which teach Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek as living languages. Dr. Buth began studying biblical languages and historical geography in Israel in 1974 and earned a PhD in Semitic languages from UCLA under Stanislav Segert, and has served as a Wycliffe translator and consultant in sub-Saharan Africa for over 20 years. Fluent in Hebrew and Arabic, Dr. Buth’s recordings are precise and mellifluous.

This pronunciation tool works differently than normal Logos books. Please read this introduction for instructions on using Hebrew Audio Pronunciations in Logos.

Resource Experts
  • Audio recording of every lexical form in the Hebrew Bible
  • Includes the Aramaic words
  • Integrates with a wide variety of lexically tagged resources, including reverse interlinears
  • Includes recordings and documentation to learn the alphabet and vowels themselves
  • Easily incorporate Hebrew into your sermons, lessons, and notes
  • Ideal for pastors and students


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