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The Dead Sea Scrolls of Daniel and Ezra
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The Dead Sea Scrolls of Daniel and Ezra


Korean Publishing House 2008

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Leander Chalice’s new translation of Daniel and Ezra exposes the reader to translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls of Daniel and Ezra—eight of which were found at Qumran. The oldest extant manuscripts of the Old Testament, these manuscripts preserve a substantial amount of the books and grant privileged access to texts written approximately two centuries before Christ. Chalice is as faithful as possible in translating the ancient text of Daniel and Ezra literally, word for word—avoiding any added explanatory words, focusing on only an essential representation of the text.

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Key Features

  • Draws from only from the oldest extant manuscripts
  • Focuses on a literal, word for word translation
  • Brings the reader as close as possible to the original text

Praise for the Print Edition

Searching for the original texts of the Bible books have been an ongoing concern of all Bible students. However, what we now have are only the codices or manuscripts which were produced several centuries or even millennia after the original texts had been written. Professor Chalice has done a highly meticulous and scrupulous work to bring the transcription and translation as close as possible to the original text of Daniel and Ezra. We are abundantly grateful for his extraordinary volume which will serve as a useful reference for those who will undertake a thorough and serious study on the book of Daniel and Ezra.

—Daegeuk Nam, professor of Old Testament, Sahmyook University

The translation of Daniel and Ezra by professor Leander B. Chalice, based on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Septuagint, and codex Leningradensis, is the excellent fruit of a painstaking task towards a better understanding of the Word of God. This is highly recommended to all Bible students as a tool on how any part of the Bible should be searched critically to the best of Biblical studies. The reader may get a flood of light on how the manuscripts of the Bible illuminate the will of God as they may have been read by the audiences during Bible times.

—Jong-Keun Lee, professor of Old Testament, Sahmyook University

For the first time two books of the Bible have been translated in this fashion consisting of all the Dead Sea Scrolls of Daniel and Ezra, Codex Leningradensis, and the Septuagint. The reading of the Dead Sea Scrolls, somehow fragmented, have been reworked with the inclusion of Codex Leningradensis in order to make the text understandable and complete. The motivation behind the author’s work on Daniel and Ezra is to translate one book of the Bible at a time and to finally complete the entire Old Testament with the Dead Sea Scrolls as a major focus, highlighting minor as well as remarkable differences.

—Sang Lae Kim, professor of Old Testament, Sahmyook University

Product Details

About Leander Chalice

Leander Bertram Chalice is assistant professor of Old Testament in the theology department at Sahmyook University. He earned his BA in theology from Andrews University and his MA in Hebrew and ancient Near Eastern studies from the University of Sellenbosch, South Africa.