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Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology
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Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology


Fortress Press 2014

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In Deviant Calvinism, Oliver Crisp shows how the Reformed tradition is much broader and more diverse than often thought. Crisp focuses on a cluster of theological issues concerning the scope of salvation and shows that there are important ways in which current theological discussion of these topics can be enriched by attention to theologians of the past.

The scope of atonement, in particular, is once again a hot topic in current evangelical theology. This volume addresses that issue via discussion of eternal justification, whether Calvinists can be free-will libertarians (like Arminian theologians); whether the Reformed should be universalists, and if they are not, why not; whether Reformed theology is consistent with a universal atonement; and whether the hypothetical universalism of some Calvinists is actually as eccentric and strange a doctrine as is sometimes thought. This book contributes to theological retrieval within the Reformed tradition and establishes a wider path to thinking about Calvinism.

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Key Features

  • Reexamines foundational thinkers in the Reformed tradition
  • Analyzes theological issues concerning the scope of atonement
  • Invites readers to broaden their thinking about Calvinism


  • Tradition, Faith, and Doctrine
  • Eternal Justification
  • Libertarian Calvinism
  • Augustinian Universalism
  • Universalism and Particularism
  • Barthian Universalism?
  • Hypothetical Universalism
  • The Double Payment Objection

Praise for the Print Edition

A pertinent and timely volume that not only encourages appreciation of the rich diversity of the Reformed tradition but mines this in ways that facilitate highly constructive, contemporary engagement with the past. For many, Deviant Calvinism will constitute a redemptive Calvinism by offering alternative interpretations of a tradition whose credibility has been weakened by some of its more rigid advocates. Unsurprisingly, the essays in this volume exhibit the depth of perception, clarity of analysis, and, indeed, semantic hygiene that we have come to expect from one of the ablest theologians of our generation.

Alan J. Torrance, professor of systematic theology, University of St. Andrews

Oliver Crisp is one of the leading Reformed theologians of his generation. His essays are always rigorously argued, thoughtful, and provocative. This volume is no exception. Being even more deviant a Calvinist than Crisp himself, I enjoyed disagreeing with much of it.

George Hunsinger, Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

Ad fonts!’ the Reformers urged a late medieval church; and Oliver Crisp has shown us, in this fine and innovative book, how we might return to the sources of the Reformed tradition itself and see an old Church with new eyes. A fresh reading of Calvinism emerges from these pages, rich in historical insight and open to alternative positions in doctrines of election, of justification, and of the scope of salvation in Christ. Theologically learned and philosophically rigorous, Deviant Calvinism sets the standard for analytic theology and promises a ressourcement out of the rich storehouse of the church, Reformed and ever reforming.

—Katherine Sonderegger, William Meade Chair in Systematic Theology, Virginia Theological Seminary

Product Details

About Oliver D. Crisp

Oliver D. Crisp is professor of systematic theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He has taught at the Universities of St. Andrews and Bristol, and Regent College, Vancouver, BC, and has held postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Notre Dame and at the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton. He is currently coeditor of the Oxford Studies in Analytic Theology, is a founding editor of the Journal of Analytic Theology, and coorganizes the annual Los Angeles Theology Conference with Fred Sanders.

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