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The Worthy Champion: A Christology of Revelation

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Brian R. Hand analyzes Revelation’s Christology and literary composition in The Worthy Champion. A valuable resource for Christological and New Testament studies, literary analysis, and biblical theology, The Worthy Champion shows how Revelation’s literary composition reveals Christ. Analyzing the genre of Revelation, Hand supports its status as prophetic rather than apocalyptic. He also discusses Revelation’s use of time, space, and physical structure and its characterization, plot, and symbolism and other literary devices. Each discussion includes Christological implications, and the last chapter synthesizes Christology with literary analysis. Hand’s conclusion includes homiletical values for Revelation’s Christology in preaching.

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Resource Experts
  • Examines the divinity of Christ in the context of eschatology
  • Explains the prophetic nature of Revelation
  • Analyzes the various literary tools used throughout Revelation
  •  Genre and Narrator in Revelation
    • Genre Conflict
      • The Problem of Definition
        • Elements of Definition
        • Definition of Apocalypse
        • Definition of Drama
        • Definition of Prophecy
      • The Problem of Mixed Forms
      • The Problem of Control
    • Genre Influence
      • Christology Served by Prophecy
      • Christology Defined by Prophecy
    • Subgenre Influence
    • Narrator Perspective
      • Degree of Interaction
      • Degree of Selectivity
      • Degree of Influence
  • Temporal and Spatial Structure in Revelation
    • Temporal Structure
      • Temporal Notations
      • Temporal Ordering
        • Proposed Structures
          • Cyclical Temporal Structure
          • Linear Temporal Structure
        • Temporal Axes
          • Broad Axis
          • Vision Axis
        • Chronology, Anachrony, and Atemporal Elements
      • Spatial Structure
        • Spatial Notations
        • Spatial Ordering
          • Heaven
          • Earth
          • Lower Regions
  • Characterization in Revelation: Part I
    • Methods of Chracter Analysis
    • Application of Character Analysis
      • Characters in the Seven Churches
      • Characters in Heaven
      • Characters on the Earth
      • The Dragon and the Two Beasts
        • The Dragon
        • The First Beast—Antichrist
        • The Second Beast—The False Prophet
  • Characterization in Revelation: Part II
    • Jesus Christ
      • Appellations
      • Physical Characteristics
      • Psychological Characteristics
        • Actions
          • Communicative Actions:
            • Christ as Prophet
          • Redemptive Actions: Christ as Priest
          • Authoritative Actions: Christ as King
      • Comparison of Character Analyses
        • Contrast in Authority
        • Contrast in Character
        • Contrast in Physical Description
  • Physical Structure in Revelation
    • Individual Elements of Physical Structure
      • Enumerated Elements
      • Parallel Elements
      • Chiastic Elements
      • Contrastive Elements
      • Connective Elements
      • Interruptive Elements
    • Broad Forms of Physical Structure
      • Chiasm
      • Recapitulation
      • Sequence
    • Mixed Forms in Physical Structure
      • Telescopic Structure
    • Implications of Physical Structure
      • Thematic Variance
      • Thematic Continuity
  • Plot in Revelation
    • Composition of Plot
      • Framework Divisions
      • Order in Plot Elements
      • Cohesion of Plot Elements
      • Conflict Within Plot
    • Action in Plot
      • Vision I—Revelation 1:9–3:22
      • Vision II—Revelation 4:1–16:21
      • Vision III—Revelation 17:1–21:8
      • Vision IV—Revelation 21:9–22:5
    • Climax in Plot
  • Literary Figures and Devices in Revelation
    • Definition of Symbolism
    • Abuses of Symbolism
    • Rules for Symbolic Interpretation
    • Extent of Symbolism
    • Daniel and Symbolism in Revelation
    • Other Types of Literary Figures and Devices
      • General Figures and Devices
      • Allusions to Scripture
  • Application of a Literary Analysis to the Christology of Revelation
    • Synthesis of Individual Elements of
      • Literary Analysis with Christology
        • Synthesis of Genre with Christology
        • Synthesis of Time and Space with Christology
        • Synthesis of Characterization with Christology
        • Synthesis of Structure with Christololgy
        • Synthesis of Plot with Christology
        • Synthesis of Literary Figures with Christology
      • Synthesis of an Integrated Literary Analysis with Christology
      • Unique Contributions of Literary Analysis to Christology

Top Highlights

“The world perceives Christ in Revelation as the One Who does certain things, but to His church, Christ is the One Who is certain things.” (Page 173)

“The church bears the mark of His ownership and, therefore, escapes the combat of a King against His enemies” (Page 174)

“In Revelation, John presents himself as essentially passive.54 He is an agent rather than a self-directed actor” (Page 35)

“The first broad guideline for interpretation is the understanding that not every image is symbolic” (Page 214)

“It is a book to be read before the church, not to be acted” (Page 30)

  • Title: The Worthy Champion: A Christology of Revelation
  • Author: Brian Hand
  • Publisher: Bob Jones University Press
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 304

Brian Hand is professor of New Testament at Bob Jones University Seminary.


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    Digital list price: $22.99
    Save $4.00 (17%)