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T&T Clark Studies in Biblical History and Historiography (3 vols.)
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T&T Clark Studies in Biblical History and Historiography (3 vols.)

by 4 authors

T&T Clark 2011–2013

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This collection from T&T Clark’s Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies includes the most recent volumes on ancient history and historiography. Enquire of the Former Age presents an overview of the field and gathers a world-class team of scholars to present and critique various approaches to ancient historiography and the history of Israel. Exclusive Inclusivity and By the Irrigation Canals of Babylon present interdisciplinary historical analyses of the exilic and postexilic communities that utilize archaeological, literary, and sociological approaches to the study of ancient Israel.

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About the Series

Over the last 30 years this pioneering series has established an unrivaled reputation for cutting-edge international scholarship in biblical studies and has attracted leading authors and editors in the field. The series takes many original and creative approaches to its subjects, including innovative work from historical and theological perspectives, social-scientific and literary theory, and more recent developments in cultural studies and reception history.

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Key Features

  • Overviews of various approaches to ancient history and historiography
  • Critiques of major approaches and rebuttals from leading scholars
  • In-depth analyses of the exilic and postexilic Jewish history

Individual Titles

Enquire of the Former Age: Ancient Historiography and Writing the History of Israel

  • Editor: Lester L. Grabbe
  • Series: Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Pages: 304

The study of historiography and the distinction between modern and ancient historical writing is central to the study of the Bible which is largely historical narrative. This volume presents a collection of essays in a dialogical format in which contributors present and review various perspectives on historiography as it relates to biblical studies. Editor Lester L. Grabbe begins the work with a helpful introductory summary of the volume and the issues addressed. Then, the first part of the volume contains essays on various approaches to, and issues surrounding, ancient historiography and Israelite history from such notable scholars as Ehud Ben Zvi, Philip Davies, and Axel Knauf.

The second part presents reviews of histories of Israel or related works by such writers as William Dever; Baruch Halpern; Steven McKenzie; Alberto Soggin; Jens Bruun Kofoed; and Iain Provan, V. Phillips Long, and Tremper Longman, III. Reviewers include Niels Peter Lemche, Joseph Blenkinsopp, Philip Davies, Bob Becking, Ehud Ben Zvi, and Lester Grabbe. The authors of the reviewed works are then given the opportunity to respond, providing a well-rounded, international, and multifaceted presentation of the issues involved in this important topic.

Lester L. Grabbe is professor of Hebrew Bible and early Judaism at the University of Hull. He is also the founder and convener of the European Seminar in Historical Methodology.

Exclusive Inclusivity: Identity Conflicts between the Exiles and the People who Remained (6th–5th Centuries BCE)

  • Author: Dalit Rom-Shiloni
  • Series: Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 256

Using social psychology categories of ethnicity and group-identity, Exclusive Inclusivity explores the internal polemics of the postexilic Jewish community by analyzing the characteristics and traits of the phenomenon of exclusivity. Rom-Shiloni argues that several postexilic groups within Judaism vied for legitimacy by reconstructing boundaries of otherness through exclusivity and inclusivity. Through these strategies, groups sought to establish their own status as the in-group and disregard, or even delegitimize, all those considered out-group. The result, Rom-Shiloni argues, is that the Babylonian exilic ideology—characteristic of the exiles—captured central position in Jewish history and literature and silenced the voices of other Judean communities, namely, those whom the Babylonians left in Israel.

Dalit Rom-Shiloni is senior lecturer of Hebrew Bible at Tel Aviv University and the Jewish Institute of Religion at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, Israel.

By the Irrigation Canals of Babylon: Approaches to the Study of the Exile

  • Editors: John J. Ahn and Jill Middlemas
  • Series: Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 208

This work assembles some of the finest scholars in the field of ancient Israelite history. The essays examine the sixth century BC in general and the exile in particular through a variety of methods and drawing on various disciplines. The work is divided into three parts: essays focusing on historical and archeological analysis, essays utilizing literary theory, and essays employing sociological frameworks. Several essays also discuss the exile in relation to key Old Testament passages, such as Deuteronomy 34 and Jeremiah’s book of consolation.

John J. Ahn is assistant professor of Old Testament at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Jill Middlemas is research associate in the department of Old Testament at the University of Zurich.

Product Details

  • Title: T&T Clark Studies in Biblical History and Historiography
  • Series: Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Volumes: 3
  • Pages: 768