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The Sermons and Lectures of John Calvin in English (29 vols.)

The Sermons and Lectures of John Calvin in English (29 vols.)

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Perhaps the single-most influential figure in the development of Protestantism, John Calvin has left an undeniable impact on perhaps every church worldwide, whether directly or indirectly. His preaching and teaching have sparked controversy, reform, and debate for over 500 years, and informed the beliefs of hundreds of millions of Christians. His publications, letters, tracts, and commentaries have seen continuous publication and reprinting for the past five centuries—and now you can have his sermons and lectures, too.

These sermons, most of which were preached originally in French, are archetypical of his lasting theology. Sermons on justification, Paul’s letters, and “matters very useful to our times” exemplify this in profound ways. Beyond this, his sermons and lectures on Old Testament books, the gospels, and the life and second coming of Jesus, give you unique insight to his unparalleled legacy.

Pair these writings with Calvin’s commentaries—or with other Reformed sermon archives in your Logos library—and you have a powerful library of essential Christian teachings. Combine this with the power of Logos’ Sermon Starter Guide or Passage Guide, and you have essential source texts that accompany your Bible study, sermon preparation, or academic writing that cannot afford to be missed. Join with Logos to digitize these quintessential Christian writings and have them together in digital format for the first time ever, and your preaching and teaching will never be the same.

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Logos Bible Software is pleased to announce the complete English translation of John Calvin’s sermons and lectures. Using the Pre-Pub process for this project allows us to invest resources in translating all of his sermons and lectures only if there is sufficient demand. These sermons, previously available only to specialists or individually at high costs, will soon be accessible to everyone. As the scope of the project becomes clearer, the price is intended to increase, such as when we announce the translators and begin the work of translation. That means users who pre-order the earliest—with the fewest details available—will get the best price.

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Want these sermons in their original language? We’ve got them! Don’t miss our original French and Latin edition of his sermons and lectures.

Key Features

  • Arguably the most influential preaching of the past 500 years
  • All of John Calvin’s sermons and lectures in one place
  • Complete integration with Logos’s cool features and study tools
  • Available in English and the languages in which they were originally written

The following list of sermons includes only those works that are previously untranslated, and have so far only been accessible to specialists in the field. Other sermons of John Calvin—including his famous sermons on Genesis, Acts, and the Ten Commandments—will be included, but we have not yet determined whether they need re-translating or whether existing translations are adequate. This product will include all of John Calvin’s surviving sermons, even those not listed below. Keep checking back—we’ll update this page as more details become available.


  • Sermons on Deuteronomy
  • Sermons on the First Book of Samuel
  • Sermons on the Book of Job
  • Sermons on the Psalms
  • Sermons on the Prophecy of Isaiah Chapter 53
  • Lectures on the Prophet Jeremiah
  • Lectures on the Lamentations of Jeremiah
  • Lectures on the First Twenty Chapters of the Prophet Ezekiel
  • Lectures on the Prophet Daniel
  • Sermons on the Final Eight Chapters of Daniel
  • Lectures on the Twelve Minor Prophets
  • Sermons on the Song of Hezekiah
  • Sermons on Chapters 10 & 11 of the First Epistle to the Corinthians
  • Sermons on the Epistle to the Galatians
  • Sermons on the Epistle to the Ephesians
  • Sermons on the First Epistle to Timothy
  • Sermons on the Second Epistle to Timothy
  • Sermons on the Epistle to Titus
  • Sermons on the Harmony of the Gospels
  • Four Sermons on Matters Very Useful to Our Times
  • Three Sermons on the History of Melchizedek
  • Four Sermons on Justification
  • Three Sermons on the Sacrifice of Abraham
  • Sermon on the Nativity of Christ
  • Sermons on the Passion
  • Sermons on the Ascension
  • Sermons on Pentecost
  • Sermon on the Final Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Appendix: Thirteen Sermons on Jacob and Esau, and a Response to Certain Slanders

Praise for John Calvin

...Calvin’s theology interests us in its historical context as an outstanding record of Reformation theology that historically—and at times even legally—has served as a basis of proclamation in modern Protestant churches.

Karl Barth, author, Church Dogmatics, The Epistle to the Romans

Calvin helped the Reformation change the entire focus of the Christian life. Calvin’s teaching, preaching, and catechizing fostered growth in the relationship between believers and God.

Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology, Church History, and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Institutes is a strongly personal book. The author addresses his readers directly. . . . It is this immediate, engaging style that has no doubt contributed so much to the power and attraction of the Institutes over the years.

—Paul Helm, Teaching Fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia

Calvin’s theological heritage has proved fertile perhaps to a greater extent than any other Protestant writer. Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, and Karl Barth, in their very different ways, bear witness to the pivotal role that Calvin’s ideas have played in shaping Protestant self-perceptions down the centuries. . . . It is impossible to understand modern Protestantism without coming to terms with Calvin’s legacy to the movement which he did so much to nourish and sustain.

Alister E. McGrath, Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, and Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at King's College, London, England

Product Details

  • Title: The Sermons and Lectures of John Calvin in English
  • Author: John Calvin
  • Editor: TBD
  • Translators: TBD
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Volumes: 29
  • Pages: 14,000+

About the Author

John Calvin (1509–1564) is considered one of the most important thinkers in church history. His theological works, biblical commentaries, tracts, treatises, sermons, and letters helped establish the Reformation as a legitimate and thriving religious movement throughout Europe.

Calvinism has spawned movements and sparked controversy throughout the centuries. Calvin began his work in the church at the age of twelve, intending to train for the priesthood. Calvin attended the Collège de la Marche in Paris, before studying law at the University of Orléans and continuing his studies at the University of Bourges.

In 1532, Calvin’s first published work appeared: a commentary on Seneca’s De Clementia. The controversy of calling for reform in the Catholic Church disciplined Calvin in his writing project and he began working on the first edition of The Institutes of the Christian Religion, which appeared in 1536. Calvin’s Commentaries and The Letters of John Calvin are also influential works by Calvin which are both included in the Calvin 500 Collection.