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Remember the Future: The Pastoral Theology of Paul the Apostle

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Integrating all of Paul’s writings into a single, continuous theology, pastor Jacob W. Elias weaves together an exposition of Pauline ecclesiology. Drawing on Paul’s narratives and allusions concerning his life experiences and his relationship with the early Christian churches, Elias brings the thick, doctrine-focused letters of Paul to life for the twenty-first-century reader. When we understand Paul’s letters in the context of God’s future plans for the church, a critical theology arises, one relevant to our present lives.

Through Logos’ unique searching systems and hyperlinked Bible references, the Logos edition of Remember the Future allows you to follow Elias’ thought as he moves verse-by-verse through Paul’s letters. Your digital library’s wealth of resources enhances your reading experience: Remember the Future links to important theological concepts, original-language texts and key translations, and commentaries on Bible passages, all only a click away.

  • Examination of Paul’s theology in light of his unique experiences and his interaction with Christ
  • Detailed discussion of Paul’s individual letters
  • Emphasis on the future work of God and the church
  • Preface
  • An Overview
  • Part 1: Paul’s Vision of the Future
    • Chapter 1: Paul’s Story: From Persecutor to Proclaimer
    • Chapter 2: The Story of Jesus Christ: Obedient Even unto Death
  • Part 2: God’s Unfolding Story
    • Chapter 3: God, from Whom Are All Things
    • Chapter 4: God of Jews and Gentiles
    • Chapter 5: God’s Law and the Spirit
    • Chapter 6: God’s People
    • Chapter 7: God the Righteous Judge
  • Part 3: A Community Shaped by the Future
    • Chapter 8: Freed by an Invasion of Grace
    • Chapter 9: Participating with Christ
    • Chapter 10: In Transformed Relationships
    • Chapter 11: In Households of a New Order
    • Chapter 12: As Warriors with God
  • Part 4: Therefore, Remember the Future!
    • Chapter 13: Suffering, Hope, and the Church’s Mission
This book is clearly a labor of love by an experienced theological educator and pastor who aims to give a full account of the pastoral theology of Paul. Deeply conversant with recent scholarship on Pauline theology, Elias takes a narrative approach to Paul’s letters, attempting to bring together the story of the people in the churches and Paul’s account of God’s work in the past, present, and future.

Religious Studies Review

  • Title: Remember the Future: The Pastoral Theology of Paul the Apostle
  • Author: Jacob W. Elias
  • Publisher: Herald Press
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 540

Jacob W. Elias is the author of 1 & 2 Thessalonians in the Believers Church Bible Commentary series. He studied at the University of Saskatchewan and, later, at Mennonite Biblical Seminary, graduating in 1968. He began pastoral ministry at Mountainview Mennonite Church, Vancouver, and in 1978 earned a ThD in New Testament from the Toronto School of Theology. He has been teaching at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary since 1977. Since 2001, Jacob and his wife, Lillian, have worked as copastors of Parkview Mennonite Church in Kokomo, Indiana.


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Digital list price: $14.99
Regular price: $11.99
Save $3.60 (30%)