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The Attraction of the Cross

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“Nothing will interest you like the cross. Nothing can do for you what the cross has done.” In The Attraction of the Cross, Gardiner Spring shows that the cross of Christ is the hope of the world: not as a ritual emblem, not as a wonder-working enchantment, but as an expression of the truth of God—and of a religion that is internal, spiritual, practical, intelligible, and personal. Covering a wide range of topics—among them prayer, sin, justification, personal character, and many more—Spring believes that all Christian questions eventually lead back to the cross of Christ. He delivers these truths in 22 powerful chapters.

In the Logos edition of The Attraction of the Cross, all Scripture passages link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “grace” or “Matthew 20:28.”

  • 22 studies on the cross of Christ
  • Illustration of the leading truths, obligations, and hopes of Christianity
  • Content searchable by topic or Scripture reference
  • The Narrative of the Cross
  • The Truth of the Cross
  • The Cross an Effective Propitiation for Sin
  • The Cross the Only Propitiation
  • The Actual Purpose of the Cross
  • The Cross Accessible to All
  • The Cross a Completed Justification
  • Faith in the Cross
  • The Inquiring Sinner Directed to the Cross
  • A Stumbling Block Removed
  • The Greatness of Sin No Obstacle to Salvation by the Cross
  • The Holiness of the Cross
  • The Religion of the Cross in Distinction from Religions that are False and Spurious
  • The Cross the Test of Character
  • The Cross the Preservation from Final Apostasy
  • Full Assurance of Hope at the Cross
  • The World Crucified by the Cross
  • All Things Tributary to the Cross
  • The Cross the Admiration of the Universe
  • The Triumphs of the Cross
  • The Sinner’s Excuses Refuted by the Cross
  • The Cross Rejected, the Great Sin
We always expect something good from Dr. Spring, and seldom, if ever, are we disappointed. This we think one of his best books.

Biblical Repository and Classical Review

The present work fully sustains his high character as a divine and as a scholar.

The Methodist Review

Dr. Spring has a happy versatility of pastoral talent, and has done the cause of religion much service by the variety and worth of his publications.

Religious Recorder

Well written, scriptural, and fitted to be useful to many classes.

The Presbyterian Review

Rich in thought, terse and eloquent in style, and full of evangelical sentiment.

British Quarterly Review

We need only say in relation to the work, that it is thoroughly evangelical, clear and forcible in style, and very attractive in its statements of most important truth. The Christian public will thank the venerated author for this, another volume from his pen.

The Evangelical Repository

This is no ordinary everyday volume of sermons, but the rich ripe harvest of a cultivated mind, the result of long and systematic devotion to the proper work of the Christian ministry. We regard Dr. Spring as one of the most accomplished preachers of the country. We never heard him preach a weak discourse; and whenever he appears from the press, it is with words of wisdom and power. A careful perusal of this admirable book has afforded us great pleasure. It will have a lasting reputation.

The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record

  • Title: The Attraction of the Cross
  • Author: Gardiner Spring
  • Publisher: M. W. Dodd
  • Publication Date: 1854
  • Pages: 413

Gardiner Spring (1785–1873) pastored the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City for over 55 years. Spring attended Yale College and later studied at Andover Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 1809 and became the pastor of Brick Presbyterian soon after. He was elected to the board at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1814. Spring has authored several books, including The Attraction of the Cross and Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character.

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Save $2.50 (25%)
Reg:$9.99 | Print:$36.99