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Mobile Ed: TH261 Doctrine of Salvation (5 hour course - audio)


Investigate the doctrine of salvation with Dr. R. Michael Allen as a guide. Christ is the proper starting point for understanding, integrating, and applying the doctrine of salvation, and Dr. Allen maintains this central focus as he considers the theological and historical context of this tenet of the Christian faith. After supplying a thorough doctrinal framework, Dr. Allen looks at salvation through the lens of the communion of the saints, referencing Christian tradition over the centuries to illuminate relevant theological developments. Finally, he considers recent challenges and ongoing debates within the church that have influenced how we confess Christ and understand his work on our behalf today. Ultimately, the goal of this course is not to merely add to your knowledge about the doctrine of salvation but to aid you in faithfully living out your salvation in Christ.

This is the audio only version of TH261 Doctrine of Salvation. To purchase the full course, click here.

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  • Introducing the Speaker and Course
Unit 1: A Dogmatic Framework for the Doctrine of Salvation
  • Introducing a Dogmatic Framework for the Doctrine of Salvation
  • Starting with God
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity: Triunity
  • … and All Things in God
  • Creation and Covenant
  • Exit and Return, Descent and Ascent
  • Israel and Christ
  • First and Last: Creation and Eschatology, Sin and Glory
  • Christ at the Center
  • Christ-Centeredness in Canonical Form
Unit 2: Some Historical Developments in the Doctrine of Salvation
  • Introducing Historical Developments in the Doctrine of Salvation
  • Patristic Era: Deification
  • Patristic Era: Ransom
  • Medieval Era: Satisfaction
  • Medieval Era: Moral Influence
  • Reformation Era: Penal Substitution as the Great Exchange
  • Reformation Era: Socinian Challenge of Separating Holiness and Love
  • Early Modern Era: Governmental Theory
  • Late Modern Era: Vicarious Confession Theory
  • Late Modern Era: Christus Victor Theory
  • Late Modern Era: Liberationist Approaches
Unit 3: Recent Challenges and Retrieved Wisdom
  • Introducing Recent Challenges and Retrieved Wisdom
  • The Doctrine of God and Atonement: Romans 3:21–26
  • The Old Testament and Election: Romans 9 and Ephesians 1 in Pentateuchal Context
  • Atonement in Context: Henri Blocher on Metaphors and Unity in Diversity
  • The Whole Christ: Justification and Participation as the “Double Grace”
  • Justification as the Entryway of the Gospel
  • The Challenge of Modifications: New Perspective on Paul
  • The Challenge of Modifications: Individuality and Community in Paul
  • The Challenge of Modifications: Doug Campbell and Bruce Marshall
  • The Challenge of Myopia: Radical Lutheranism
  • Participation as the Goal of the Gospel
  • The Challenge of Modifications: Finnish Lutherans
  • The Challenge of Modifications: Radical Orthodoxy and Ecclesiology as First Theology
  • Creator-Creature Distinction and Christ-Church Distinction
  • Conclusion to the Course
  • Title: TH261 Doctrine of Salvation (Audio)
  • Instructor: R. Michael Allen
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Length: 5 hours
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R. Michael Allen

R. Michael Allen teaches systematic (or dogmatic) theology and theological ethics as a way to train students to delight in the study of God’s mighty deeds (Psalm 111:2). He hopes that integrated study of Bible and theology will help students prepare for faithful ministry in the local church by considering our worship and witness in light of God’s Word. He is especially interested in how Christian doctrine relates to other theological disciplines: biblical theology, historical theology, and moral theology. He grew up in both the South and in South Florida as the son of a Presbyterian pastor. He is presently a candidate for ordination as a teaching elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

In addition to his work in the seminary, he enjoys serving in local churches: teaching classes for children and adults, preaching, and working in the nursery. Prior to joining the faculty at Knox, he taught undergraduate and graduate students at Wheaton College for two years. He has also been active in the American Academy of Religion, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Society of Biblical Literature.


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