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The Life and Sermons of Edward D. Griffin, vol. 1


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Edward Dorr Griffin remains one of the most significant revivalists of the early nineteenth century, and in this volume, some of his most influential works are collected. There are twenty sermons, including a memoir of Griffin’s life. Griffin’s writing and sermons are well-known for powerful exposition of Scripture and compassionate calls for revival. His writing is also characterized by solid theology and evangelical concerns. After studying theology from Jonathan Edwards, he entered the ministry. A firm believer in education, he later became president and professor of sacred rhetoric of Williams College.

This resource is invaluable to any student of revivalist influence and anyone wanting a greater understanding of living a holy life. With the Logos edition, The Life and Sermons of Edward D. Griffin, vol. 1 is readily accessible with your other resources, perfect for personal or academic study.

  • Contains memoir of Griffin’s life
  • Encouraging and astute exposition of Scripture
  • Includes detailed table of contents


  • Previous to His Settlement at New-Hartford
  • His Residence at New-Hartford
  • His First Residence at Newark
  • His Residence at Andover and Boston
  • His Second Residence at Newark
  • His Residence at Williamstown
  • His Last Residence, and His Death
  • General Estimate of His Character and Influence


  • The Knowledge of God
  • The Tender Mercies of God
  • Adam our Federal Head
  • the Abominable Nature of Sin
  • The Worth of the Soul
  • Tokens of Perdition
  • The Heath in the Desert
  • Taking the Kingdom by Violence
  • The Band which Took Christ
  • The Fruitless Fig Tree
  • Harvest Past and Balm of Gilead
  • What Wilt Thou Say When He Shall Punish Thee
  • The Straight Gate
  • Gospel Despisers Passed By, and the Heathen Taken
  • Quench Not the Spirit
  • Exhortation to Serve the Lord
  • Excuses
  • Let Us Reason Together
  • Hobab
  • Returning from the Crucifixion
The history of his [Griffin’s] life seems little less than the history of one unbroken revival; and it would perhaps be difficult to name the individual in our country since the days of [George] Whitefield, who has been instrumental of an equal number of hopeful conversions.

—William B. Sprague

  • Title: The Life and Sermons of Edward D. Griffin, vol. 1
  • Author: Edward Dorr Griffin
  • Editor: William B. Sprague
  • Publisher: Van Benthysen & Co.
  • Publication Date: 1838
  • Pages: 615

Edward Dorr Griffin (1770–1837) was born in Connecticut. Educated at Yale College, he was a pastor and a professor of rhetoric. Griffin was well-known for opposing the doctrine of New Divinity.


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    Digital list price: $16.49
    Save $4.00 (24%)