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Feature Expansion: Master Collection (800+ vols.)

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Among the Logos Feature Expansion series, the Master Collection collects them all, bringing you the ultimate Bible study experience using the features you love in Logos Bible Software. When you use the Factbook, the Timeline, the Passage Guide, or the Exegetical Guide, you’ll have a library that maximizes the tools in your software.

If you want the most bang for your buck and the most interconnected digital library available, this is the collection for you. Every single volume has been specially tagged and developed for enhanced functionality in the latest features of Logos. When studying a passage, you’ll be able to reference:

  • Original-language grammars’ mention of that passage, sorted by area of grammatical study
  • Systematic theologies that discuss that passage, sorted by denomination and theological sub-discipline
  • Sermons and homilies from the past 1,600 years which preach from that passage
  • Parallel passages across the Bible and the ancient religious corpus
  • Variant texts from ancient manuscripts which offer textual differences on your passage
  • Ancient parallels, quotations, and allusions across secular Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, and ancient Near-Eastern writings
  • And much, much more...

This is the ultimate digital Bible-studying experience. You’ll have everything you need to take on the Bible as a linguist, anthropologist, historian, textual critic, exegete, theologian, and preacher.

Please note: This product does not contain any software or datasets—only Logos-enhanced books that make the software features shine. Logos Gold is highly recommended for the best functionality.

Key Features

  • Over 200 volumes of sermons and homilies
  • Nearly 200 volumes of systematic theologies
  • Almost 100 grammars on ancient biblical languages
  • Over 50 Bible reference works
  • Just under 50 volumes containing alternate and variant passages from ancient manuscripts
  • Over 20 Bible harmonies
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Factbook Collection

  • Resource Types: Reference, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Handbooks
  • Volumes: 22
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Bronze

Your one-stop guide for information on any biblical concept or area of study just got better. With the Factbook Collection, you’ll be able to fill your Factbook with links to articles and summaries about biblical characters, places, themes, and symbols, from varying perspectives and levels of scholarship. Get numerous articles on the authorship or common interpretations of any book of the Bible—delivered right into one overview, alongside outlines and articles on background, audience, date of composition, and other relevant facts for each Bible book.

Featured Titles:

  • The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised (4 vols.)
  • HarperCollins Bible Dictionary
  • The Bible Knowledge Commentary
  • Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown’s Abridged Commentary
  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible

Timeline Collection

  • Resource Types: Monographs, Dictionaries
  • Volumes: 20
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Bronze

With the Timeline Collection, you’ll get an array of reference and history books that link out of your Timeline, allowing you to jump from a particular point in your Timeline to a book in your library which discusses that event. Links will abound across your Timeline, keeping you connected with the larger context of church and world history, while providing you the texts you need to dig deeper into your studies. The Timeline feature presents a vast visual chronicle of world history—from creation to the 21st century. Timeline links inside your books will send you to that point in history in the Timeline, allowing you to zoom in on everything that took place during that period.

Featured Titles:

  • Schaff’s History of the Christian Church
  • 131 Christians Everyone Should Know
  • History of the Catholic Church: From the Apostolic Age to the Third Millennium
  • A History of the First Christians
  • Calvin and the Reformation

Ancient Literature Collection

  • Resource Types: Ancient Texts, Ancient Manuscripts
  • Volumes: 30
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Silver

Connect any Bible verse with ancient Jewish and Christian parallels and allusions. The Ancient Literature Collection presents a comprehensive library of resources that populate your Passage Guide with ancient parallels, quotations, and allusions from the Apostolic Fathers, the Talmud, the Mishnah, apocryphal writings, and more. Instantly see any verse’s interpretation, application, and reuse throughout the ancient world.

Featured Titles:

  • Ras Shamra Parallels: The Texts from Ugaritic and the Hebrew Bible (3 vols.)
  • The Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud
  • The Works of Philo
  • The Works of Josephus

Systematic Theologies Collection

  • Resource Types: Systematic Theologies
  • Volumes: 183
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Now

Get organized systematic theological use of any Bible verse from any Christian denomination or viewpoint. With this dataset, Logos presents what all of your systematic theologies say about any Bible passage you study. And with the Systematic Theologies Collection, you’ll have over 180 volumes of systematics across dozens of denominations and viewpoints, presenting a wide range of organized Christian belief rooted in the Bible. Theologians like Barth, Calvin, Aquinas, Dabney, and Pope present classic, well-grounded theological principles supported by Scripture. To boot, you’ll have first access to the new systematic theologies we’re producing, including H. Orton Wiley’s, John Brown of Haddington’s, Richard Watson’s, Emanuel Vogel Gerhart’s, and several others, as they are produced.

Featured Titles:

  • Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics
  • Six different editions of Calvin’s Institutes
  • Aquinas’s Summa Theologica in English and Latin
  • J. Oliver Buswell’s A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion: Volume One
  • John Miley’s 2-volume Systematic Theology

Textual Variants Collection

  • Resource Types: Ancient Texts, Ancient Manuscripts
  • Volumes: 48
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Gold

Preserved by hundreds of ancient manuscripts spanning a dozen ancient languages and ancient Christian cultures, the Bible has a complex history of transmission, transcription, and translation. Omitted verses in ancient or modern translations (such as Mark 16:9–20 and John 7:53–8:11) leaves many Christians wondering about the reliability of modern Bible translations or the canonicity of Scripture. With the Textual Variants Collection, studying the transmission of each and every verse of the Bible becomes much, much easier. With your Logos Textual Variants feature, you’ll be able to see how each verse was preserved and translated throughout the centuries, whether through Egypt in the Coptic tradition or by Rome in the Latin translations.

Featured Titles:

  • A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament, Second Edition by Bruce Metzger
  • Byzantine/Majority Textform Greek New Testament
  • The Text of the Earliest Greek Manuscripts
  • Biblia Sacra Vulgata (The Latin Vulgate)
  • Scrivener’s Textus Receptus (1881)

Sermon Finder Collection

  • Resource Types: Sermons
  • Volumes: 236
  • Sermons: 17,600+
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Base Package

Get over 17,600 sermons keyed to Bible verses with the new Sermon Finder Collection! These biblical sermons, from a variety of traditions and homiletic approaches, open up Scripture so you can see how centuries of preachers before you have handled the verse you’re studying or preparing to preach from. Featuring nearly 100 preachers in 236 volumes, this collection is the best library builder for sermons ever released.

Featured Titles:

  • The John MacArthur Sermon Archive
  • Charles Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons (63 vols.)
  • Six volumes of Jonathan Edwards’ Sermons and Discourses
  • Sixteen volumes of homilies by John Chrysostom
  • George MacDonald’s Unspoken Sermons (3 vols.)

Cultural Concepts Collection

  • Resource Types: Ancient Texts, Dictionaries, Handbooks
  • Volumes: 35
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Bronze

Explore ancient cultural practices and customs from Old and New Testament passages—and find where else they occur in other ancient biblical and non-biblical texts. This collection expands your library’s connections to the Cultural Concepts tools in your Passage Guide as well as in your Factbook. You’ll get a greater understanding of the significance behind the events and details of Scripture—such as birth and death practices, food, holidays, legal standards, and religious rituals.

Featured Titles:

  • Charlesworth’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls in English
  • Ancient Near Eastern Texts
  • Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (6 vols.)
  • Social-Science Commentary (6 vols.)

Grammars Collection

  • Resource Types: Grammars
  • Volumes: 94
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Base Package

Immerse yourself in original language studies as you wade through a passage in the Exegetical Guide, skim along its Greek or Hebrew word-by-word studies, and then compare translations, transliterations, and original manuscript reproductions in 94 grammars. These grammars all feature Bible verse references, bringing them to your Exegetical Guide’s Grammars section and revealing every grammatical mention of the passage you’re studying. Providing grammatical studies in Classical, Septuagint, and Koine Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ecclesiastical and Classical Latin, Syriac, Ugaritic, and Hittite, these grammars break the doors of linguistic and exegetical studies wide open.

Featured Titles:

  • Idioms of the Greek New Testament, Second Edition by Stanley E. Porter
  • Fundamentals of New Testament Greek by Stanley E. Porter, Matthew Brook O'Donnell, and Jeffrey T. Reed
  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew by Mark D. Futato
  • An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax by Bruce K. Waltke and Michael Patrick O'Connor
  • An Introduction to Aramaic, Second Edition by Frederick E. Greenspahn

Parallel Passages Collection

  • Resource Types: Harmonies
  • Volumes: 23
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Base Package

Get top-level analysis and multiple viewpoints on Bible passages that provide narrative or thematic parallels. Logos Bible Software's Parallel Passages feature draws from each one of these 23 resources to provide detailed accounts where biblical events are recorded more than once—especially in the historical books of the Old Testament (Kings, Chronicles, and Samuel) and the Gospels. Featuring classical and historical harmonies as well as those developed here at Faithlife, this collection gives you everything you need to see different experts’ research on the Bible’s parallels.

Featured Titles:

  • A.E. Breen’s A Harmonized Exposition of the Four Gospels (4 vols.)
  • The Gospel according to St. Luke in Greek: After the Westcott and Hort Text
  • The Parallel Histories of Judah and Israel, with Copious Explanatory Notes (2 vols.)
  • Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament by David A. Jones
  • Synopsis of the Greek Sources for the Hasmonean Period: 1–2 Maccabees and Josephus, War 1 and Antiquities 12–14

Confessional Documents Collection

  • Resource Types: Church Documents
  • Volumes: 95
  • Recommended Software Version: Logos Base Package

Study how the historic creeds and councils of Christianity treat any passage of the Bible. With the Confessional Documents Collection and the new Confessional Documents Dataset, you’ll see all Scripture references from the historic creeds and confessions and their commentaries. Imagine studying Romans 6—and then seeing if it came up at the Council of Nicea, Trent, or the Synod of Dort. Imagine seeing how the Augsburg Confession, the Arminian Confession, and the Schleitheim Confession use 1 Peter 5. And then imagine Luther’s Catechism, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Westminster Catechism, and the Orthodox Catechism all showing you their use of Genesis 2.

Featured Titles:

  • Westminster Confession of Faith, including the Larger and Shorter Catechisms: American Revision (3 vols.)
  • J.N.D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines and Creeds (2 vols.)
  • Baptist Confessions of Faith
This product is not currently available to purchase.