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Passage Guide

Just look up a Bible passage, and the Passage Guide scours every book in your library, then gives you quick links to relevant commentaries, cross-references, journal articles, cultural concepts, images, and more.

Included in Logos 8 Silver and up

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Instant Information on Any Bible Passage

Get quick links to commentaries

Look up a passage, and the Passage Guide gives you quick links to the right page in your favorite commentaries.

Uncover insights you’d miss in a paper library

Maybe you’d know to crack open a commentary on a passage, but what about a systematic theology? Or journal article? The Passage Guide shows you eye-opening insights from books you might not think to consult.

See info on your passage’s key people, places, and events

Every character in Scripture has a story, and the Passage Guide makes it easy to learn them all. Get essential background info on every person, place, event, and more in your passage.

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