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Hebrews: An Introduction and Commentary

Hebrews: An Introduction and Commentary

Donald Guthrie

| IVP | 1983

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The book of Hebrews is quite challenging, claims commentary author Donald Guthrie, since there are many open questions about authorship, historical setting and audience. More than most New Testament books, Hebrews requires detailed explanations of the background allusions within it, which reference the priesthood of Christ being directly linked to the old Levitical order. Above all, Hebrews deals with the important question, How can we approach God?

Author Bio

Donald Guthrie (1916–1992) was a British New Testament scholar, professor, and University of London graduate. From 1949 to 1982 he taught New Testament studies at London Bible College and from 1978 to 1982 served as the vice-principal.

Guthrie’s widely acclaimed New Testament Introduction examines each book of the New Testament and various issues therein. Guthrie also contributed the volumes The Pastoral Epistles and Hebrews to the Tyndale Commentaries.