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Volume one of The Remains of Thomas Cranmer journeys through Cranmer’s correspondences with historical figures of the time such as the archbishop of York, King Henry VIII, and Queen Mary. These letters portray Cranmer’s passion for correct doctrine within the Church of England.

Author Bio

Thomas Cranmer (1489–1556) was the archbishop of Canterbury during the reigns of English kings Henry VIII and Edward VI. Cranmer attended Jesus College of Cambridge, where he earned his doctorate in divinity in 1526. He was appointed archbishop of Canterbury in 1532.

During his time as archbishop, Cranmer, along with Thomas Cromwell, championed the translation of the Bible into English. In 1548, plans for a complete liturgy for the English Church began. Cranmer compiled the Book of Common Prayer, which was published in 1549. After Mary I took the throne, Cranmer was tried for treason and heresy. He was imprisoned for two years and martyred in 1556 in Oxford.

Cranmer wrote many important articles and letters, which—along with a few biographies on the life and influence of Cranmer—appear in the Thomas Cranmer Collection (10 vols.).


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  1. Thomas Cranmer Collection (10 vols.)