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Most of these thirty collected studies were written in Rome. Two are translated from the Dutch; three have not been published previously. Some few studies address philological problems, but most try to explain the thought of the biblical text. There are full-fledged articles and also brief notes. Bringing them together in one volume will prove useful to students of Paul, of Pauline Literature and of the Book of Revelation. These essays are the result of years of teaching experience and extensive research.

The reader will find not only analyses of various passages but also broad syntheses of biblical thought. This volume consists of two parts: “Pauline and Deutero-Pauline Letters,” the larger one, and “The Book of Revelation,” the smaller. The first part considers Paul’s view of the law, his eschatological convictions and his reasoning regarding the resurrection of Christ and of the Christians. The second part examines the ecclesiology and the climactic composition of the Book of Revelation. The movement from judgments to blessings is carefully investigated.