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A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture is the result of nine years of work by a group of scholars who believed that biblical learning must be integrated with traditional Christianity if it was to bear any spiritual message or fruit for modern society. Their endeavor was to sum up the results of recent international scholarship, and to put them at the disposal not only of Catholics but also of all those who would be glad to know more of the Catholic Church’s teaching on Scripture and of the way in which her members interpret it.

The commentary thus fills a gap in English theological literature by providing a critical survey of modern biblical knowledge from the standpoint of all those, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who accept the full doctrine of biblical inspiration. The work is based on the full acceptance (1) of the divine inspiration of Holy Scripture and of the teaching and discipline of the Catholic Church as a divine institution owing its origin to Christ himself, and (2) of the assured findings of modern research, in the conviction that there can be no clash between the Word of God and scientific truth.

Author Bio

Dom Bernard Orchard OSB MA (born 3 May 1910 — died 28 November 2006) was an English Roman Catholic Benedictine monk, headmaster and biblical scholar.