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<p><em>"I spend hours in my study and on my knees preparing sermons, but when I preach them no one listens. What's wrong? Why aren't I getting through? Why do I see blank stares, daydream reveries, nodding heads as soon as I open my mouth to preach? I know my messages are biblically sound. I'm sure I'm preaching what God has laid on my heart. But it's not being received. What's wrong? What can I do?"</em></p> <p>Sound familiar? If you're a preacher, you probably know the feeling. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can learn to preach in a way that will be readily, even eagerly, received by your congregation.</p> <p>It's all here: what inductive preaching is, how it works, why it's effective, who's used it--including Jesus, Peter, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, Wesley, Edwards, and Moody, to name only a few. Also included are:</p> <ul> <li>Step-by-step guidelines for constructing an inductive sermon</li> <li>Two sample inductive sermons</li> <li>A list of 96 inductive preachers from 20 centuries</li> <li>A strategy for making traditional sermon structures inductive</li> <li>A checklist of inductive characteristics.</li> </ul> <p><strong>The principles in this book can dramatically increase your sermon effectiveness--turn apathy into involvement, make listeners out of the listless. Inductive preaching is preaching that <em>works!</em></strong></p> <p><em>"Thoroughly and convincingly sets forth the case for inductive preaching."</em> --James W. Cox, Professor of Christian Preaching, Southern Baptist Seminary</p> <p><em>"Will be a real service for anyone wishing to convince modern man about the gospel--a resource for all of us who preach and teach for years to come."</em> --Jay Kesler, President of Youth for Christ</p> <p><em>"I have read many books on preaching during my 34 years of teaching the subject. This is one of the first which I have read from beginning to end without stopping. If you plan to preach next Sunday you had better read this book today."</em> --Lloyd M. Perry, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School</p>

Author Bio

Gregg Lewis is an award winning author or coauthor of more than fifty books, including the NY Times bestseller, Tom Landry: An Autobiography. Gregg and his wife Deborah have been married for more than thirty-seven years and have five adult children. They currently write and live in Georgia.