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What the Bible Teaches about Spiritual Warfare

, 2000
ISBN: 9780825424878


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When some Christians think of spiritual warfare, they may be consumed with worry about what Satan will do to them next. Others have been taught that they have authority over the demonic host. Still others ignore the spiritual battle being fought right in their midst.

Using the Bible as their basis of authority, the authors answer such questions as:

  • What is demon possession?
  • Can a Christian be demon possessed?
  • Do demons make you sin?
  • Can pagan objects haunt you?
  • How did Jesus handle spiritual warfare?
  • What is Satan's strategy?
  • Is exorcism biblical?

The Battle strategy taught here is simple: You can resist the Devil and rest in the knowledge that God is in control over all things. He will have the ultimate victory over sin and death.

Resource Experts
  • The Great War
  • Ultimate Intelligence
  • Origins of Conflict
  • Worldview for Conquest
  • The Enemy Within
  • Invasion of the King
  • Strategies of the Enemy
  • Resisting the Attacker
  • The Greatest Weapon
  • Triumphant Warriors
  • War's End
  • Successful Saints
One can find a vast amount of false teaching on spiritual warfare in books and on television, so it is very refreshing to find a source that teaches the truth about this subject matter. The authors espouse two main points about conducting spiritual warfare properly. The first is that the Bible is sufficient. Nothing more and nothing less will do. The second has to do with the fact that most preachers focus solely on Satan and his demons, and say very little about the world and the flesh. This fine book is filled with Scripture, punctuated with case studies, and is easy to read without being superficial.

—Charles H. Ray, Associate Editor, Conservative Theological Journal

  • Title: What the Bible Teaches about Spiritual Warfare
  • Authors: Robert Dean, Jr. and Thomas Ice
  • Publisher: Kregel
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 233

Thomas Ice (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary (Ph.D. Tyndale Seminary) is a former pastor, the executive director of the Pre-Trib Research Center located at Liberty University where he also teaches the bible and theology.


Robert Dean, Jr. (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; M.A. University of St. Thomas; D.Min. Faith Evangelical Seminary) is the pastor of West Houston Bible Church in Houston, Texas and adjunct faculty at Chafer Theological Seminary.


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Digital list price: $11.99
Save $3.00 (25%)