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Continental Commentary Series: Qoheleth

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This new addition to the successful Continental Commentary Series is a significant and fresh treatment of Qoheleth (or Ecclesiastes). A famed professor presents a startlingly new translation of this often perplexing book of the Old Testament. Lohfink also argues for a rather different interpretation of the book than one finds elsewhere. Rather than reading the book's perspective as depressing, lost, or cynical, he highlights the elements of joy and balance. The volume includes introduction, new translation, commentary, parallel passages, bibliography, and indexes.

Praise for the Print Edition

With a new preface, a revised introduction, and a reworking of the entire text, this long-popular German classic now appears as a fresh breeze blowing through the musty tomes of studies on Ecclesiastes. Far from counseling the despising of earthly things, the biblical book is understood as a call to rejoice in the down-to-earth gifts of the Creator and to find delight in the everyday. The translation is lively, the bibliography is new and up-to-date, and the production of the book is inviting.

—James Limburg, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

Product Details

  • Title: Continental Commentary Series: Qoheleth
  • Author: Norbert Lohfink
  • Translator: Sean McEvenue
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 176

About Norbert Lohfink, S.J.

Norbert Lohfink, S.J., before his recent retirement, was Professor of Old Testament at Sankt Georgen Seminary (Frankfurt, Germany). His published works in English include: Theology of the Pentateuch, The Covenant Never Revoked, Option for the Poor, and Great Themes from the Old Testament.