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Counseling Insights: A Biblical Perspective on Caring for People

ISBN: 9781579720100


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Insight for Living is devoted to help pastors counsel with confidence based on an accurate understanding and practical application of God’s Word. That joy of becoming God’s catalyst in others’ lives led Insight for Living to create Counseling Insights for you—the man or woman ministering in the counseling setting.

The topics addressed in Counseling Insights range from emotional needs to marriage and family problems, from transitional times of life to spiritual concerns. In each chapter you can look forward to practical, biblical insights into the counseling issue, as well as help in applying its truth to your counseling sessions. Each chapter of Counseling Insights is organized around this basic format:

  • Step 1: Observation and Identification of the Problem. A case study and sample interview questions, along with occasional insights to correctly define the problem. Goal: Accurately understand the counselee’s problem.
  • Step 2: Biblical Instruction and Encouragement. Discussion of Scripture related to the counseling issue and biblical encouragement that you, as counselor, can offer to your counselee. Goal: Build counsel on a biblical foundation.
  • Step 3: Practical Helps for Today. Suggestions for immediate use that bring healing and growth to the counselee. Goal: Break the logjam in the counselee’s life; begin the healing process.
  • Step 4: Lifetime Principles for Growth A long-term perspective, plus practical tips, that will help you and your counselee develop strategies for growth during subsequent counseling sessions. Goal: Offer encouragement for spiritual growth.
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  • Preparation for your counseling session, including a case study and sample questions to ask as you begin the first session.
  • A biblical framework for understanding the problem being considered and a discussion of the Scriptures specifically related to that issue.
  • Varied “tried-and-true” suggestions to help the counselee through the correction, healing, and restorative processes necessary for lifelong emotional and spiritual maturity.
  • Title: Counseling Insights: A Biblical Perspective on Caring for People
  • Publisher: Insight for Living
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 523


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Digital list price: $36.99
Save $8.00 (21%)