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The Diamond Marriage: Have Ultimate Purpose in Your Marriage

ISBN: 9781845500764


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There is no shortage of books that deal with the subject of marriage. Literature dealing with the husband and wife relationship, written from both a Christian and non-Christian perspective often cover the same well worn ground. The emphasis in The Diamond Marriage: Have Ultimate Purpose in Your Marriage is not primarily on the marital relationship, but rather questions like, “Why has God gone to such great lengths to create marriage as we know it?” and “What is the purpose of marriage?”

A recent report found that the national divorce rate in the United States stands at 34% while for those who claim to be Christians it is 33%. It would appear that having strong Christian convictions does not lessen the incidence of divorce, and it seems that today's Christians are less convinced they should stick together “till death do us part” than their predecessors. Why are many Christian marriages dutiful but joyless? What has led us to be content with such an understanding of Christian love in marriage? How can joy in marriage be revived?

Packed with insight, wisdom, and wit, Vibert's biblical perspective on marriage helps us re-assess our long-held views and restore marriage to its rightful status—for us and before God.

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“In a very real sense, then, marriage is not a mere social convenience, or even just a religious ceremony. Rather it is to be seen as a reuniting of the man and the women at the deepest level of their creation, as real as if the bone and flesh were joined together to make one new person again!” (Page 46)

“The reason you exist is to bring glory to God by making God your highest delight and your first love. The liberating thing about this truth is that your desire for happiness is not at odds with your quest for God. God wants us to find our chief end in God and our highest delight in God.” (Pages 16–17)

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him’.” (Page 51)

“He responds to their questions by reminding them that God’s created design is that marriage should be for life. It is not part of the creator’s intention that marriages should be dissolved (see Matt. 19:5; Mark 10:8). In effect, Jesus seems to be saying, ‘Don’t begin your argument from the perspective of your common experience, rather, go back to God’s original plan’.” (Page 42)

“Repentance is both saying and being sorry. It is a change of attitude which leads to a change in direction.” (Page 21)

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  • Title: The Diamond Marriage: Have Ultimate Purpose in Your Marriage
  • Author: Simon Vibert
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 176

Simon Vibert is vice principal and director of the School of Preaching at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He previously served as chairman of the Fellowship of Word and Spirit and has two decades of experience in parish ministry. As one of John Stott’s Langham Trainers, Vibert has equipped pastors in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Serbia, and Haiti. Vibert studied at Oak Hill College in London, Glasgow University in Scotland, and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, where his thesis was on the preaching of John Piper. He is also the author of Lives Jesus Changed and The Diamond Marriage.


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    Digital list price: $10.99
    Save $2.00 (18%)