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Bible Study Made Easy

Format: Digital
, 1998


Learn how to study the Bible on your own with this easy-to-understand reference guide. It's perfect for anyone new to Bible study or for teaching your teens how to study the Bible.

  • Different Bible study methods explained
  • Learn what questions to ask
  • Discover the relationship between the Old and New Testaments

This guide covers all the essentials! It begins with the basics of how to choose a Bible version and introduces the reader to Bible reference tools (commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, etc.). The guide then walks you through various study methods and approaches, explaining how to study books and people in the Bible, and how to do word or topic studies.

Sample entries include:

  • "Which Bible version should I use?"
  • "Nine ways NOT to study the Bible"
  • "Questions to ask"
  • "What are commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, New Testament interlinears?"
  • "Looking through a microscope"
  • "The telescopic approach to Bible study"
  • "Linking the Old and New Testaments"
  • "It's all Greek to me!"
  • "Following a chain from Genesis to Revelation"
  • "The names of God"
  • "A biography--the life of Daniel"
  • "The great women of the Bible"
  • "The names and titles of Jesus"
  • "How do Matthew, Mark and Luke differ?"
  • "Studying a single word: humility"
  • "15 ways to enhance your Bible study"

Product Details

  • Title: Bible Study Made Easy
  • Author: Mark Water
  • Publisher: John Hunt
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 64

About Mark Water

Mark Water was born in Devon, England and trained for the Anglican ministry at the London College of Divinity. He was ordained as an evangelical minister in 1966. For the past 20 years he has been engaged in the ministry of Christian literature as writer, editor and advisor. In addition to the Bible Made Easy series, Water authored the Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations; the Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs, and many other volumes.