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Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament

, 1984
ISBN: 9780802822802


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These studies and translations of the Greek New Testament are simplified commentaries on the Greek text for the Bible student who is not conversant with the Greek language. The set includes commentaries on the Gospels and Epistles; graphic elucidations of selected passages, words, and phrases; and devotional studies on the teachings of Jesus and the apostles.

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  • Title: Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament
  • Author: K. S. Wuest
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 3,499

K. S. Wuest (1893–1962) was a noted New Testament Greek scholar and professor at the Moody Bible Institue in Chicago, publishing over a dozen books on the New Testament. In addition to his own translations, he is credited as one of the translators of the original New American Standard Bible (NASB). Wuest is often cited as an influential Evangelical and Dispensationalist scholar.

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9 ratings

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  1. Hugo Sørli

    Hugo Sørli


    Commentary is one thing, but word study, word picture is another. Personally the last gives me much better insight. Love when Greek, Hebrew words are more studiedly in dept on usage. Can also recommend Robertson’s word picture. Get them both and get enriched even more.

  2. Lo'ay H. Jawabreh
    Does it have other Gospels beside Mark? Is Thessalonians included... Something I don't understand about the resource...

  3. Lonnie B. Hogan
  4. Erv Thomas

    Erv Thomas


    Invaluable!! I have used this for 40+ years. This is a MUST own for anyone who loves the Bible. Yes. A MUST own.

  5. Manuel Fernández Martín
    Kenneth Samuel Wuest (1893 - 1962) fue un cristiano del Nuevo Testamento griego (Κοινή) notable erudito de la mitad del siglo XX. Él se refiere a veces como el Dr. Kenneth Wuest, aunque no es claro (en este escrito), si este título hace referencia a un Ph.D. obtenido Wuest era profesor de griego del Nuevo Testamento en el Instituto Bíblico Moody en Chicago, y publicado más de una docena de libros sobre el Nuevo Testamento. Wuest se cita a menudo como un estudioso evangélico y Dispensacionalista influyente. Wuest es reconocido como uno de los traductores de los originales Biblia de las Américas (LBLA). Más tarde continuó con la producción su traducción al Inglés del Nuevo Testamento (la Wuest Expanded Translation - abreviado WET) basado en texto crítico de Nestle. En su traducción del Nuevo Testamento, Wuest intenta establecer el griego original más accesible al lector no especializado extrayendo (en la traducción) la variedad completa de los posibles significados y traducciones de las palabras griegas subyacentes.

  6. Robert Doleshal
  7. Margaret Richardson
    awesome resource!! Thanks for making this available Faithlife!!

  8. Edward Ramos

    Edward Ramos


    best investment I have made in a long time

  9. Jeremiah Jeffery
  10. Anil Jacob

    Anil Jacob


    Absolutely worth every single penny. However, please note that this set does *not* have Word Studies for all 27 books of the New Testament. Volume 1 & 2 are verse-by-verse studies of select books of the New Testament - not all books are covered. Volume III should be examined more often by the reader, because Wuest throws considerable light from the history of the Greek language and literature to explain complex New Testament concepts. His article (just one example) on the word "baptism" in this volume really helps the reader understand why this word was used, and how it has practical implications for our lives on Earth as believers baptised into the Body of Christ. The fourth volume is an expanded translation, and it is quite illuminating. Wuest's Expanded translation does not have the staccato flow that the Amplified Bible's text does - and is worthwhile as a superb reference volume.


Digital list price: $112.99
Save $13.00 (11%)