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The Logos Bible Software edition of the Sir Robert Anderson Library contains 5 resources dealing with topics such as The Second Coming, reconciliation between believers and the Deity of Christ.

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    The Coming Prince

    This is the standard work on the marvelous pro­phecy of Daniel about the AntiChrist and the Seven­ty Weeks. It deals fully with the details of the chronology and with the vexing questions of the last of the Seventy Sevens.

    Forgotten Truths

    The author shares valuable insight into the difficul­ty for some people caused by the delay of our Lord's return, as well as other truths seemingly irrecon­cilable because of finite human minds.

    The Gospel and its Ministry

    A study of such basic Christian truths as Grace, Reconcilation, Justification and Sanctification. In the author's own direct, yet devotional, style these truths are stated, then emphasized; so that the skep­tic becomes convinced and the believer is blessed.

    The Lord from Heaven

    A devotional treatment of the doctrine of the Deity of Christ. This differs from other works in that it of­fers indirect testimony of the Scriptures as to the validity of this doctrine. This book is not written to settle doctrinal controversy, but rather it is a Bible study that will deepen the student's conviction, while giving a warm devotional approach.

    The Silence of God

    If God really cares, why has He let millions on earth suffer, starve and fall prey to the ravages of nature? Why has He been silent for nearly two millennia? The author gives a thorough and Scriptural answer. He also discusses the subject of miracles today with excellent answers. Here is a "must" for serious Bible students.

  • Title: Sir Robert Anderson Library
  • Author: Sir Robert Anderson
  • Publisher: Galaxie
  • 334 pages

Sir Robert Anderson (1841–1918) served as Chief of Criminal Investigation of Scotland Yard. In the midst of all his many duties, he managed to gain a profound knowledge of the Bible, preach in various conferences and write several books which have become classics.


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  1. Jerry Rogers

    Jerry Rogers


  2. Schamma



  3. Randy White

    Randy White


    Robert Anderson is brilliant. Not an easy read because of its age and linguistic style, but excellent insights into God's word. Those who love dispensational theology have to have Sir Robert Anderson's works.

  4. Matthew Dennison
  5. Richard Cappetto
  6. Pastor Jason D Falzarano
  7. Gary Pajkos

    Gary Pajkos




Collection value: $24.75
Save $4.76 (19%)