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The Book of Isaiah
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The Book of Isaiah


Riverside 1993

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The book of Isaiah is named for its author, the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah means, “Jehovah is salvation” or “Salvation is of Jehovah.” He is rightly called “the Evangelical Prophet of the Old Testament.” By common consent, he ranks among the great literary geniuses of all time and his book is recognized as a part of the world’s great literature.

According to tradition, Isaiah was martyred, sawn asunder, Hebrews 11:37. Just so, in the hands of destructive modern critics his book has suffered, being cut up into many parts. Consequently, liberal Biblical scholars today deny the unity as well as the Isaiahan authorship of this great work. They affirm that it is the product of various authors, writing at different times, long after Isaiah’s death. Then an unknown redactor combined the various elements into the book that we know today as Isaiah.

In view of the above errors, it is refreshing to read Mr. Gingrich’s thoroughly orthodox, expanded, analytical outline of Isaiah. His exposition comes from a balanced and responsible conservatism which gives the work an abiding value. Like his other books, this one begins with a full general introduction, treating such topics as authorship, unity, historical background, importance, etc. This is followed by a succinct exegesis and explanation of the text. Both the layman and the busy preacher can use this commentary and quickly come to the heart of a passage and receive much help.

Key Features

  • Expanded outline of Isaiah
  • Full introduction to the text

Praise for the Print Edition

These commentaries, written in outline form, are concise yet comprehensive, doctrinally sound and practically useful.

—Rev. John Edward HAO, President Faith Bible Seminary, Queens, NY

These commentaries are brief but thorough. They simplify the difficult passages. These books are factual, not fanciful, in their interpretation of the Bible.

—George A Hern, Pastor, Dellwood Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Dr. Gingrich's commentaries have been used by thousands. Read and be blessed!

—Dr. Roger R. Clapp, Professor of Bible and Theology, Mid South Bible College

Product Details

  • Title: The Book of Isaiah
  • Author: Roy Edward Gingrich
  • Publisher: Riverside Press
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Pages: 88

About Roy Edward Gingrich

Roy Edward Gingrich was born February 3, 1920 in Ozark, Illinois. In 1941, Roy received God's call to enter the Christian ministry. After intensive preparation, he was called to pastor churches in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Indianapolis, Indiana and Memphis, TN. He was pastor of Faith Bible Church in Memphis, TN for over 40 years. In 1963 he graduated magna cum laude from Crichton College (formally Mid-South Bible College) and soon thereafter, he joined the teaching staff. In 1964, Dr. Gingrich began writing and self-publishing Bible commentaries. In 2001, Dr. Gingrich retired from a long and fruitful ministry and in 2003, was inducted into the Crichton College Hall of Fame.

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