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Bible and Spade Collection, version 2

by Associates for Biblical Research

Associates for Biblical Research 1972–2008

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Bible and Spade Collection, version 2
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Archaeological evidence, when properly interpreted, demonstrates the historical reliability of the Bible. Bible and Spade magazine, a quarterly publication from Associates for Biblical Research, captures the truth of the Bible through articles regarding archaeology, paleontology, and the latest scientific debates. The articles, written by authorities in the field, are accompanied by photographs, diagrams, maps, and other graphics. With Bible and Spade magazine, you can see where biblical events occurred and learn how science supports faith.

The Bible and Spade Collection, version 2, brings together 34 volumes of Bible and Spade magazine. This Logos Bible Software edition encourages your study and understanding of the issues surrounding biblical archaeology. Scripture passages link directly to your preferred English translation and original-language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library.

Interested in reading the 2009–2011 issues? They are available with the Bible and Spade Magazine Upgrade, 2009–2011.

Key Features

  • Hyperlinks to scripture inside the text of each Bible and Spade article
  • Charts and maps showing valuable information about ancient cities and regions
  • Photography of the Holy Land

Product Details

  • Title: Bible and Spade Collection, version 2
  • Publisher: Associates for Biblical Research