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This new resource examines the major literary units and unique perspective of Mark’s Gospel to help the pastor in sermon preparation. Included in each chapter are suggestions for further reading, and appendices provide a list of the lectionary readings and an annotated bibliography. Her volume makes accessible the wealth of materials Mark’s Gospel offers for Christian life and reflection.

Thurston guides the reader through each of the lectionary readings, attempting to answer the questions:

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“Only after having effected their rescue does Jesus turn to speak to the disciples, and then it is to rebuke them with faithlessness, a rebuke which the preacher should not soften.” (Page 60)

“The baptism of Jesus marks the beginning of his ministry, his commission from God. It signals both the start of his public ministry and his solidarity with sinners. It is like the prophetic sign-acts in Hebrew scripture; it unifies Jesus with the movement toward repentance (v. 4), sets an example for his followers, and serves as a metaphor for the sanctification of water for sacramental use.” (Page 16)

“She is a ‘born loser’ on three counts: she is a woman in a man’s world (and a single mother), the wrong religion, and the wrong race, since ‘Syrophoenician’ was an unsavory racial term. In addition, she has the double liability of a female child who is demon possessed.” (Page 87)

“‘There are only two kinds of people within the sound of my voice: those who have been in a storm and those who will be in a storm.’” (Page 61)

“Jesus calls a tax collector an outcast. Having just dealt with a leper, Jesus calls another outcast to demonstrate that no one is beyond God’s call and grace.” (Page 30)

  • Title: Preaching Mark
  • Authors: Bonnie Bowman Thurston
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 232

Special Adjunct Professor of Christian Spirituality, Emmanuel School of Religion.


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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $3.00 (20%)