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Hey God!

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ISBN: 9780882700076


A rollicking story of the Holy Spirit's visitation on an Italian-Catholic family, this book is about Mama Foglio, her cantankerous husband and ten rambunctious kids. They were poor, but not forgotten by God. One day, another poor family burst into their lives and told them about the Lord. Thus begins one of the most hilarious, warm-hearted, and moving testimonies to God’s mysterious ways. You will find a faith that does not put on airs, that is real in the midst of a real God. You'll cry, you'll chuckle, you may even laugh out loud at this remarkable woman who loved Jesus Christ without reservation and believed He was willing to do anything you asked Him to that would glorify God.

Praise for the Print Edition

I have read many books during my lifetime but rarely have I read a book which has made an impact on me like Frank Foglio’s masterpiece Hey, God!. The spiritual message contained in the book not only transcends organized religious groups, but is entirely blind to all national, political, racial, social, and economic boundaries. . . It is a moving and inspiring message which I am convinced will have a transforming effect on countless lives.

—Dr. Herbert H. Tarson, former Senior Vice President, National University, San Diego, CA

Product Details

  • Title: Hey God!
  • Author: Frank Foglio
  • Publisher: Bridge-Logos
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 137

About Frank Foglio

Frank Foglio, associated with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, an organization whose purpose it is to reach businessmen all over the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, was a real estate salesman in California.