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Proverbs (Crossway Classic Commentaries | CCC)

, 2001
ISBN: 9781581343007


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While other parts of Scripture show the glory of the Christian’s high calling, Proverbs instructs in detail how to walk in and be worthy of this calling. A treasure trove of divine wisdom, Proverbs challenges readers to actively seek its priceless truths about daily living. Charles Bridge’s classic work provides the map. He divides Proverbs into three general sections, interpreting each nugget of instruction canonically—that is, as an organic part of the Bible as a whole—and evangelically—that is, assuming the change of heart through the Holy Spirit’s regenerating action about which evangelical theology is explicit—and practically—that is, as a guide to wise and godly behavior in all human relationships. With Bridge’s stimulating insights as a guide, you will find Proverbs to be a rare and extraordinary book which impresses on your heart the importance of faith’s fundamentals, the value of self-discipline, and the impact of bringing everything under the Word of God.

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  • Title: Crossway Classic Commentaries: Proverbs
  • Author: Charles Bridges
  • Publisher: Crossway Books
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 286

Charles Bridges (1794–1869) was a well-known and prominent leader of the Evangelical Party in the Church of England. He is best remembered for his Old Testament commentaries and for The Christian Ministry, his 1829 treatise on pastoral ministry that remains influential today.


5 ratings

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  1. Jason Grubbs

    Jason Grubbs


    The best commentary on Proverbs I have ever read! It should be daily reading.

  2. Jim Oesterwind
    Great commentary. Succinct starter for studying the book.

  3. Philana  Backey

    Philana Backey


  4. Tommy Miller

    Tommy Miller


    Buyer Beware! This is not the 640 page full edition. This is not even Mr. Bridges original work. This is a 286 page summary by a couple of modern writers. Mr. Bridges original work is excellent and worth the read. This modern paraphrase is lacking. Despite the misleading overview above, Crossway Classic Commentaries apparently are not a reprint of the Classics. They are abridged summaries.

  5. Nick Maeder

    Nick Maeder


    A treasure chest of gems! (Found a 1981 reprint in a second hand shop and have been reaching for this one ever since, 640 pages)


Digital list price: $13.99
Save $3.00 (21%)