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Design and Origin of Birds
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Design and Origin of Birds


Day One 2005

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Birds are among the world's most beautiful and beloved creations, so it is unsurprising that they have been so widely studied. This book closely examines their aerial lifestyle and unique, warm-blooded design—often so different from the cold-blooded dinosaurs that they are claimed to have evolved from. They often precede dinosaurs in the fossil record, and their miraculous genetics, as ours, speaks of special Creation—not random, chance chemical soups and endless genetic mistakes. They have been carved and painted since earliest times on rocks and temples, and they are associated with pyramids and religions, art and literature, sport and farming, war and peace, and even heaven and hell.

Praise for the Print Edition

Philip Snow has produced a unique book which expertly describes and illustrates the design, life and beauty of birds.

—Professor Andrew Sims, emeritus professor of Psychiatry, University of Leeds

Product Details

  • Title: Design and Origin of Birds
  • Author: Philip Snow
  • Publisher: Day One Publications
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 240

About Philip Snow

Philip Snow is a wildlife and landscape painter, illustrator, and writer. His work appears in many publications and galleries, and he has illustrated or contributed work to over sixty books and many magazines, prints, cards, calendars, reserve guides, and decorated maps. His publications include several Collins guides to UK and European birds, and his paintings have been exhibited in many top galleries, in the UK and abroad. His latest books include a wildlife and landscape sketchbook, several children's biblical coloring books, a book on estuary life and migration, and regular exhibitions of paintings and prints.

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