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Here is a simple yet searching guide to the Gospel that does justice to the excitement of Mark's message. Open Door on Mark is a clear and accessible introduction to Mark's Gospel, nudging the door open for those with questions to ask. It conveys the key messages of Jesus' ministry and their relevance today. It breaks the gospel down into manageable sections. Each chapter begins with the text, a short discussion, and questions for reflection or study. A foreword by Sister Wendy Beckett is also included.

Racy, breathless, direct: Mark's Gospel is written with an urgency that sweeps the reader along. What Jesus looked like, how he was born – there's no time to linger over details like these. Jesus proclaims who he is by breaking down barriers, braving opposition and achieving glory through death. Open Door on Mark is written for anyone intrigued by Jesus and what he might stand for – unlocking the Gospel for all to explore what Mark has to say.

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“The point of the story is the power Jesus has to enable men (v. 15).” (Page 29)

“Remember, the Jesus of this Gospel is urgent, direct and even confrontational. He is not comfortable with the pious and loses his temper with his own disciples when they are wooden-headed and difficult.” (Page xi)

“We now enter a section of four miracles, but their purpose is the same as the parables—to reveal the authority of Jesus.” (Page 26)

“Jesus was considered illegitimate. To describe anyone as the son of his mother alone was to cast doubts on his parentage.” (Page 32)

“Mark’s scheme, God is rejecting Israel because she has failed to recognize her Messiah. Not only has Israel failed in this regard, she has not achieved her mission to draw all nations to the worship of God.” (Page 75)

Product Details

  • Title: Open Door on Mark
  • Author: Phillip McFadyen
  • Publisher: Triangle
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 142

Phillip McFadyen is an artist, author, watercolor tutor and Priest in Charge of St George’s Colegate in Norwich.


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    Digital list price: $16.99
    Save $3.00 (17%)